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Friday, 1 February 2013



               When Fizz had her leg amputated she smashed up 3 Cones !! and was intent in causing me heart failure, due to her reopening her Incision ! 

            The thought dawned on me that finding something that tasted  DISGUSTING  maybe a way to stop her !! 

              I tried various things to get her to stop and nothing worked then I had the Brain~wave ! BI~CARBONATE  OF  SODA !!!

             This is the white powder used for Cooking, its a powder so it doesn't soften the healing Incision and its easy to apply and it will stay there on the skin and surrounding fur and more importantly it tastes   DISGUSTING  !!!! 

            If in doubt taste it yourself !!!!

                   My daughter Emma doubted and I made her taste some on the tip of her finger !!! wish I had done it while filming !!!! 

          What I did next was to rub some Bi~Carbonate of Soda around the area  NOT  on the stitches themselves as it may have stung her ???

          But I rubbed some around the scar and as its a powder it didn't run into the incision and it stayed on the skin like Talcolm powder on us !! 

          I looked her straight in the eye and removed her sellotaped Flower Pot off her head !! She looked at me and almost shrugged her shoulders and promptly turned around to lick at the stitches !!! 

      Well Walt Disney would have been proud of her !!! 

          She scrunched up her entire face and her whole body just shuddered , she turned away from her Minus Leg !!!

           Glared at me, huffed and then she lay her head down and closed her eyes and ignored me for the rest of the day !!!!! 

           It was the funniest thing I have ever seen and it makes me smile just to think of it !! 

           I then put some more on the next day but to my knowledge she never even turned her head towards her leg, let alone chewed it !

          If it could stop a Rottweiler ripping out stitches I think it would work on anything  !!! .....

                       I thought that these may help some of you, and its just Tip's and Tricks that I have found over the years. Some by advice by others. some by trial and error and some by entire Guess Work !!!!

              Please Message me if you have any tips or tricks that have helped you with your pets and I will add your Tip/Trick as the ..........

                DAILY TRICK OR TIP FOR THE DAY !!!

                 Thank you for your help in advance :P xoxox

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mother's Love the Bond between Milly and Mitzi !

                      I want to discuss the Bond that really began to show itself  between a Mother and Daughter, or in my case Mitzi and Milly. The love that Mitzi has always shown any and all of her puppies, was an amazing thing to share your time with and witness. Mitzi had already had 2 Litter's including the Milly Litter , and she had shown how badly she  missed her puppies when they left our home. 

             The day after Mitzi's first Litter had left for their new families to begin their lives, we awoke to find Mitzi just sitting in the puppies bed .............. heart breaking I know ! I felt her pain then as I couldn't have imagined the loss of her babies and not having the ability, to understand where they had gone or why ?? 
I also felt totally helpless, as I couldn't help her and I don't like that feeling ......... So I just spent time with her and she was back to her normal self , a couple of days later.

         When the 2009 Milly Litter happened, and with that Mitzi had Milly, so she didn't have the need to grieve for her other Puppies, when they left. This was because she had Milly still with her and this meant that she never lost the entire Litter, as she had managed to  KEEP one of her babies forever with Milly !! 

           The connection between these two is an amazing spectacle to be around, and only a mother would be able to sleep through that diamond drilling  SNORING  that Miss Milly is capable to doing. It does show us though that, when something as frightening as Milly;s Accident.  Its not just the Humans who are in Shock, but the Injured Puppies Mother is Mentally Scared as well !!!  and Mitzi will actually go hysterical if Milly is out of her sight even to this day !!

Mother's Love !!

              Then we come to Mitzi's 2010 Litter and this time she would have a helping hand, and we were worried as Milly is and was NUT'S in every single way !! So I really did not know whether Mitzi would permit her daughter to be around her new babies ?? Or if Milly would be jealous of the new arrivals, as she was used to having her Mummy all to herself.  Especially as they had never been without each other, apart from when Milly was being treated for her accident, these two had always been together !!

           Mitzi and Milly are very similar in so many ways, they both have a sweetness and a generousness of spirit. But Mitzi show's us through silly little things how her "
 Puppy Farm " start in life, has made her slightly neurotic and unbalanced.  While Milly has been through the most traumatic event, that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  But this little girl even though she has been through so much, she is so much more balanced emotionally than her Mummy and it show's itself in various way's.

          An example that explains what I mean about these two, is that Milly will quite willingly be left on her own if her Mummy is elsewhere. But her Mother Mitzi will totally go into a complete emotional wreck, if Milly is out of sight for more than a minute !! But it's more than that Milly will actually calm her own mother  down when she ever get's over anxious or hysterical !!! In a true Cesar Millan way this bonker's Darth Vader Puglet will, actually nip her own hysterical mother, and snaps her back into the real world !!

           This goes to show that even when Milly acts the fool her balanced home upbringing, has made her into a much more stable dog. While her mother who for appearance sake is the much calmer of the pair to the untrained eye ?? But in real state of thing's she has way more 
 ISSUE'S  than her Daughter who looks to all to be a complete  FOOL  !!! She is actually the more  " Normal "  balanced one of this funny partnership, that is this Mother and Daughter duo.

Mitzi, Milly and Blaise from Mitzi's Last Litter !

                   We then come back to Mitzi's 2010 Litter and this was when Milly Shocked us all with the amazing Calmness and total love of  her younger Sibling's. When Mitzi was drawing closer to her time, and she was  well ............. Enormous  !?!   This is a slight understatement,  by the time she was ready to have the babies she was so fat I feared she would  POP  !! 

                 But then she did have  
12  puppies inside her, that were just waiting to arrive with us asap. We sadly lost 2 puppies during the Birth which is always a loss, but for a Pugalier I think that 10 puppies is enough for a mummy to raise ??       For Mitzi the loss of these 2 puppies was keenly felt !

         The puppies had actually been born over 2 day's, as there were so many of them.   The loss of the 2 puppies it always is a sad experience, but it's something that does occur especially in such a large litter. When Mitzi had passed her last puppy, I settled down to take a breather as I'd been awake for nearly 3 days, as Mitzi had started huffing and puffing for ages before we had our first Puglet ! 

The all of a sudden Mitzi gets up from her puppies, so I thought she must want to go outside ??

         But nope she didn't want to go outside she was hunting and searching for something ??    She went upstairs, downstairs and she's squeaking , sniffing and is obviously looking for something ??   Then I click what she is doing and what she is hunting for, her 2 babies that had not survived ........ She is getting herself into a complete state, and it was really upsetting to watch her go through this loss of 2 babies, that she knew that she had given birth to !!

        I knew that when Mitzi get's a bee into her bonnet, she is not easily distracted,  nor is she easy to be calmed down . Once I realised what she was looking for I went into my daughter's bedroom, and secretly got 2 little toy's from her bedroom !!       I then put one toy on the floor and Mitzi grabbed it, and carried it downstairs and put it in with her babies !!    

        I dropped another on the floor and she ran back upstairs picked it up, and ran back down put her 2nd puppy into the bed and promptly went to sleep !!!

This Picture was taken about 5 minute's after her hunting session ! and Please Check Out the 2 Strange looking Puglet's that Mitzi adopted as her own !!!

          Mitzi took these two   " Well lets say 2 sort of Puglet's ! "   into her nest and treated them exactly like her other's

                  " Let's say  REAL  LIFE  PUGLET'S  !!! " 

            They were washed and polished by her and snuggled in with all of her other babies !! One day when Dai was helping,   I asked him to change the blanket under the babies !! and we put the babies in a box while we sort out bedding etc ...... Well when he put the babies back into the bed, 

    He left  Ladybird Puglet  and  Stuffed Dog Puglet  on the floor !!! 

         She  GLARED  at him as if he was a  COMPLETE  IDIOT  !! 

      She got out of her bed Glared at him again, she picked up Ladybird Puglet and put her in bed !! and got out again Glared and Huffed this time and Picked up Stuffed Dog Puglet and carried him back to bed with his other Brother's and Sister's !!! She loved these two surrogate Puppies as much as she loved her other's !! and she would get very offended if anyone else didn't treat them as such !! 

          Mitzi used to watch as I cleaned and weighed the babies, and was always making sure I did whatever I was doing at the time, I did it with ..................... 
              ALL  OF  HER  BABIES !!! 

       Our poor Miss Mitzi Moogle's raised this entire litter, of 10 Puppies without any assistance, apart from a lil bit of help from me and her nutty Daughter Miss Milly Mooz. Who I must admit surprised us all with the way, that she took on the job as a general nursemaid and baby sitter !! Milly was amazing with these puppies and her mother allowed her, to be completely entwined into the raising of these puppies !! 

Milly and the 2010 litter Babysitting !!

             The bond that Mitzi and her daughter Milly have is an incredible thing to observe, and the trust that Mitzi had with her normally completely nut's Daughter Milly just goes to show the unbelievable bond that these 2 share.  One of the  funniest thing that I have ever witnessed, was with this mother and daughter team in action, a few hours after these puppies had been born.

         Mitzi and her 10 babies were in the bed in front of the fire in our front room, just relaxing and keeping toastie !! Milly had not really been allowed to get involved with this litter so far, as I had wanted Mitzi to have a peaceful space to have her puppies and just bond. So she was just resting and enjoying some piece and quiet after the whole Birthing experience, and then Milly arrived ..............

      This was Leo and Sibling's who now lives in New York City !!!

                  This was the first time that Mitzi had seen Milly since she had given birth and we didn't know what to expect ?? A normal mother is very protective and wouldn't take kindly to a 1 year old nutter, getting involved with her puppies be her a Daughter or not ! Milly walked up to the bed and poked her head in to see what was making such funny noises ?? Mitzi moved her body around her puppies so her back was shielding her puppies !! Milly moved around the side to continue to nose ....... 

         With this a grumble came out of Mitzi,  well this didn't worry Milly in one lil bit !! With us watching on just in case something bad happened,  I let them continue with the game they were playing. Well I wish I had filmed this as it was worthy of an Oscar !! Milly moved to the side of the bed and just sat there and Mitzi continued to mutter under her breath. Milly did not bat an eyelid .......... she moved closer to the bed, not once looking at her mother ??

        Mitzi was still grumbling  and Milly moved one back leg into the bed, with her head turned away from her mother !!! Mitzi still moaning and then Milly moved there sideways. and moved her front leg into the bed !   Now Milly is normally a jump right in and I don't care who I land on sort of Girl, so the slowness just added to our amazement and humour. 

       Milly moved her 3rd leg in and then her whole body, and if you can imagine a Great Dane squeezing itself into a match box, then you have got a good idea of how
 Tiny Milly Made Herself !! The whole time she had not once looked at her mother, and her mother had not once stopped Growling !! But the sight of Milly with her head turned away, and herself into the Tiny Space in this bed, and she had not once trod or moved a puppy once !!! 

        Mitzi looked over at her daughter who was obviously Sooooooo
  STUPID  !! as she should have listened to her Mother and Just Stayed Away from her new and improved Babies !! But obviously the bang on her head had affected her, that even when she growled at her daughter she didn't cotton on !!!

       Mitzi Glared at her Daughter ......... Huffed and promptly fell asleep !! We looked over at Milly who is still in this lil Tiny space and as we look at her ............ she almost Smiles and wiggles her lil tail and then just like her Mother, she then also fell asleep !!

      It was not only one of the funniest thing's I have ever seen, but more than that It Show's Us the 
TOTAL TRUST that these two share, and it was an unbelievable scene,  and one that my family or I will never forget or ever witness again.

                   Milly with her younger Brother's and Sister's !!!

                It just go to prove that A Mother's Love is Always Un~Dying   and it show's us how the Bond of Motherhood will forsake all the ........  
               NORMAL  ANIMAL  BOUNDARIES that are normally held in place. Such as the fact that a Mother will never allow, another dog into their protected Den when they have a litter of New Born Puppies. 

        But Milly has this total innocence and has this ability that even when other Dog's who normally 
 HATE any other Dog's will actually Like Milly !! She is probably the sweetest Dog I have ever known with this Childlike attitude and the most wonderful happiness and endearing personality. Which makes her impossible to be angry with or fail to fall in love with ..........

            I think it's this spirit that allowed her Mother to believe that Milly would never Harm her new puppies in any sort of way !!

        Here are Lot's of  Picture's of the 2010 Puglets !

                But there was 10 of them ............. 



Penelope and Mummy.




Milly and Pongo.

Class of 2010.

Babysitting Puglet's


Bert and Milly.


Leo and Mummy.


Pongo and Mummy.



Friday, 18 January 2013

Head or Heart ~ Money Matters.

                I have found the hardest part of this Post is figuring out what to call it....... May seem weird as I know what the concept is , and I  know what I'm going to write about.  Normally the problem is figuring what particular Manic Tale,  I'm going to bombard you all with,  at this time or that time  :)  

        But nope this time its the Title .... I had originally called this piece,

Justifying  the  Cost ..... Verses ...... Your  Own  Need  for  your  Pet !

      Which I know is a mouthful, and it's more than that and I didn't want it to be just about, if you Love your Pet so much, you'd do anything to get them treatment. 

Or If you don't have the Money,  then You Don't Love Your Pet !

       Because if you are here to get help, or catch a Glimpse of how to deal with Cancer, or whether your Dog is a viable candidate for Amputation and Chemotherapy. Then I already know you love your pet, so that is not what this piece is about ...... there is no Judgement Here, and as always I am talking through, my own thoughts and parts of my life stories.

        I just want to talk about the reactions that I have come across, from my own Family Friends and People in Passing. Talking about how they feel with me paying out so much, for just a few months more with Fizzles.  Justifying using all my profit on a 9 week old Puppy worth £650-00, as was the case for our Milly Mooz. Who's story is told in the last 3 Posts on this blog, telling her Miracle Tale and her Saviour, who's decision after a 15 minute meeting with Milly and I, that led to his wonderful Gift, in Giving Milly the Chance of Life  <3

Milly with her Mummy Mitzi 2 Weeks before her Accident ! <3

             Virtually every breeder I have spoken to, and most of my Family Member's and Friends, have felt and told me that they would, never have paid for Milly to be fixed ........... I'm sure I'm not alone in my thinking and those of you out there, who have read her story would understand why, I tried every avenue to save this little Puglet ! 

     The question is was I justified in doing it ??? 

             I myself feel that I would have paid anything to set her right,  and that is where I find myself in Dangerous Territory.  Because when is it time to say that your head,  is more important than your heart ..........  

          This is something that I feel very hard to understand, because the Love for my animals leads me to, Jump in Boiling Water without Armbands nor Kevlar Clothing ! Its also leads me to get to a point, where I would almost have no lengths,  that I wouldn't go to  ????   

            The fact that I have always Insured my animals, has led to these decision making times, a little bit easier.  But when you have to pay 10% of a vet bill, which is in the Ten's of thousands,  its still an awful lot of money ! and with Fizzle's Monthly Payment's of £75-00,  it still causes a big dent in anyone's Bank Statement,  at the end of the Month !  Getting your pet's insured I believe is a must, and its something that I tell all my Puppy Families to do, as most vet bills are huge, and most people's Purse Strings are  NOT  !!!

          It is something that I feel very strongly about, as I would never have been able to Keep My Fizzly, with me for as long as I did. In fact in all eventualities,  I would have probably had to have her put to sleep when she was 15 Months Old.  When her Crutiate Ligament went, in the same Leg that, she developed the Bone Cancer in 5 Years Later !!  I must admit the Irony of paying for the BEST operation,  for the Crutiate Surgery instead of Amputating the affected Leg,  is  NOT lost on me. 

           Especially as Fizzles may still be here,  had she had that leg removed ......  instead of having the leg altered and fixed !!  Its something that has made me wonder, especially once you start writing things down on Paper, or in my case Laptop !!   When writing you seem to spend more time wondering, and contemplating and my contemplation is,  had I not had her insured I would have picked the Amputation,  and then ..........

    Would  Fizzly still  be  with  me  now  ???


                Fizzly and My Daughter Emma  <3

           My feelings regarding my animals is found to be slightly abnormal,  by most of my own family, and most of my friend's.  But it is found  Completely  Alien to the whole of Dai's Family,  who don't have animals as pets, which I find myself find utterly, completely and  TOTALLY ALIEN !!  What I have found during my Blogging Adventure,  is the contrasting and varied opinions that I have found on the Few Sites that I have used to share my stories. 

           This is something that I have found confusing, and sometimes really upsetting, and the fact that the Site's I have used are supposedly, Animal friendly based and Non~Judgemental !!  The fact that anyone would judge someone else's stories or their actions is beyond me. It goes against the grain of what I was trying to achieve in the first place, which is helping others who find themselves, in the same place as Fizzle's and I during her Battle with Cancer.

           I have spoken about the trials and tribulations, that I have found myself in, while starting this Blogging Lark from the beginning.  But what I have found is that one site in particular, seemed to attract some seriously judgemental, and in my eyes not so nice people ! When I made the choice to have animals in my life, I take that very seriously. This  is how I feel everyone should be, when they take the monumental decision, to bring an animal into their lives and homes. 

         It's something that I try to instil into my puppy families, that Insurance is a major part of being a good pet owner, as we are not all as lucky as our Milly was that day.  The question is though when does it become too much .......  I believe this is a personal choice !!  Its when your head must overtake your heart, but with insurance this is something that will ensure that your heart will always be able to win ! Its just a shame that not all battles can be won, and not all hearts will be left unbroken </3 

              This is Molly and she is Milly's Daughter  <3

She shows us how Milly's Gift of Life was a Truly magical one <3

           My own feelings regarding paying for Milly, was that she was my puppy ..... even though she had been chosen by a Family.  I would have done everything in my power, to help this 9 week old puppy,  because I knew she wanted to fight and was a survivor !!  It didn't even occur to me to have her put down instantly, and I am pleased for that fact, because it was proved utterly correct. Milly may snort everywhere, Snore Like a Jet Plane and Sneeze her nose clean !! 

( Disgusting !! and I must get it on film for you all to see :P

Milly is one of the most amazing dogs. its been my pleasure to own and .....

 I Love her Completely ! 

          Fizzle's though was a completely different story and her Life was a source of constant highs and devastating Low's. For all the people who know me, Fizz was  a source of ..........

OMG  your  paying  HOW  MUCH  for  WHAT  ??

        I will freely admit that Fizzle's was probably a Gold Plated Rottweiler, but to me she was worth every penny ! I would have paid anything, to have kept her with me for as long as possible, but this was not why, I paid for all her various Treatments through her too short life.  I paid for those treatments to stop her from Dying as the case at 8 Months ( Twisted Bowel ) then Pain the Crutiate Ligament ( 15 Months ) and to prevent further Damage, and hopefully preventing Arthritis ?? 

        Then when she contracted Bone Cancer, I decided on the Amputation which I felt would stop her pain instantly, and its something I feel very strongly about.  The further treatment was so I could keep her with me for as long as possible ( Selfish Maybe ? Understandable Oh Yes ! )  But it was also because I knew, ( much like with Milly ) that my Fizzly was not ready to give up, and she was a fighter and she wasn't ready to go, and I knew she would tell me when she had enough ! 

         This mean't that I would fight for as long as she wanted to, and I would be there for her when she decided to end her battle. This is the hardest part of being a Pet Owner, its when you have to put your pets needs, above your own heart needs.  Its not easy but its the most important decision, that you will ever have to make, once you bring that lil Bundle of Fur into your home that first day ! 

          It is the worst decision to make, and its why I tried everything to keep Fizz with me Longer, as this decision was the hardest thing I have ever had to do ........  But it is an important lesson to learn is the fact that sometimes Money / Head / Heart Pay no heed.  This is because no amount of money will change the fact, that the time will come when you will know that your pet is ready to end their battle.  Nothing upsets me more when you hear, about pets being kept around for their owners benefit, and their pets needs are second in importance !

         I would have fought until the final moments if I knew that Fizz was still wanting to fight her battle and I would have paid for the privilege.  Fizz showed me the true meaning of courage and the price of love and in the end what are the most important things in life.  Money really doesn't buy you happiness nor should it take over your life, Life is the important point.  

         Living life ....... Loving life, and doing it with the courage, that would see a mother pulling a car off her fallen child, or standing 18 hours after your leg is amputated !  Moments such as this are worth all the Money in the World, and moments like this change your entire world. These precious memories will show you how your order of importance, will change dramatically and your pets acceptance and bravery will leave you speechless and in awe !!

How could you put a Final Spending Figure on that !

  Head ..... Heart ....... For Me Heart wins Every Time <3

                   My Fizzle's ....  My Heart ....... Always  <3


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Milly's Miracle Story Part 3.

            So there we were on our way to collect Milly and X~rays from the Surgery, then we had to Condense a 4 hour Journey into a 2 hour Journey and ............. What was it ???

       Oh Yes !! She May Stop BREATHING !!

             We get to our Surgery and Damien is there waiting for us !! With the X~rays and Directions to the Hospital, and a scrap of paper with the Specialists Name, and Where we should meet him !! I must admit that I didn't really care about anything else apart from, Milly may stop Breathing and 

  Whether this Top Most Surgeon, would be able to tell Damien what to do .........

             So he could MEND my lil Puglet ??

        So then I get told the
 BEST  news of all ....... this poor lil Puglet who was only  9  weeks old, had NOT had any PAIN  RELIEF !!  since that morning.  As It was not known whether the Hospital Big Wig's, would want to test her at all, and so they had asked for her to not have any pain relief just in case ??? 

Our Milly was then wrapped up in a Blanket that I brought for her, and we got the,

             " What to do if she stops Breathing Talk !!! 

           Which I would not recommend for anyone , As soon as my lil girlie see's me her eye's light up, and her lil wiggle butt gets going !! It will never cease to amaze me how animals have this ability to just  ACCEPT  THINGS,  and please remember this Baby,  had only been alive for 63 Days and she still had the love for me, to try to please me as I came towards her ........  

      That is what  LOVE  is .............     and we  DARE  to say we, 

       Are the  MOST  INTELLIGENT  THINGS  on this  PLANET ?

          Milly and her Brothers, 2 Days before her Accident !

          We walked out of the Surgery with Milly wrapped up in a Blanket, and by the time we get into the car with Milly, and start up the car to get going its now almost 2~45pm. So our Stop Clock was down to 1 hour and 45 Minutes ??? a Doddle don't you think !

       Dai's skills as a Stunt or Rally Driver came into play once again, and we made it to the M4 in record time , but that was no~where near where we needed to be. We passed everything on that M4 that was ahead of us,  and we were making record time and then we met 
 THEM !!   just by CARDIFF ??? 

      Hells Angels now those of you who have met these Biker Dudes, on a Motorway will know exactly what I'm talking about ,,,,,,,,,, they spread themselves over the entire  3  BLOODY  LANES,  Please excuse my wording !!! 

       But by the time we met them, I could tell that Milly, was really in pain and her breathing was getting Shallow ............ 

       I looked at Dai,  then out the windscreen at these Bloody Hells Angels, which are spread over all the lanes ! and I just say ..............


DRIVE through them Now .........

       For those of you who are of the Male Persuasion, will know that when dealing with your wife or lady partner when she is Going to  BLOW !! 

       You know that it's safer for you to drive over Hells Angels than deal with a Hysterical Woman in the confinements of a small
 CAR !  I don't think I'm joking, when I say I think we must have run over,  6 of them like a load of Hedgehogs !! 

 By the time we got to the 7th the whole lot of them moved ........... 

        It was like the  PARTING  OF  THE  WAVES !!! 

        It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen ?? 

          We looked at each other and down at Milly, and for the first time in hours we actually laughed ! and then we just Drove Straight Through, the middle of them and onwards. I don't know how we got to the Severn Bridge in the time, but we were just going through the Bridge at about 3~50pm.

       I do believe that we must have had a Divine Wind Pushing us along faster.

We continue on are way and are making good time, and then it happens .....

           TRAFFIC  JAM !! 

            We were something like 15 minutes away and we were stuck in bumper to bumper TRAFFIC. I just burst into tears ???  I was crying and saying that they would be closed and we'd miss the Specialist and it's Friday. So they wouldn't be open there tomorrow, and then Milly would not be able to be seen until Monday !!

      To make matters even worse, Milly was going starting to go in and out of continuousness, with the higher Pain as she was being bounced around, even though I was trying to almost float her in my arms ................

 You may have guessed I was slightly hysterical and not thinking clearly ????  

      Especially when Dai says very Calmly, 

Why don't you ring them and tell them we are almost here but are in Traffic ???  

 I know ...... but I was a lil stressed out ?

 Don't you just hate it when they are right ! 

              So I ring up and this man answers the phone, and I go into the whole story and how we would be late, but please could you wait as Milly was poorly, and she needed him to see her ??

     Well either he's married or just used to hysterical women, but he just says 
Don't Worry he's there and he will wait for us to come. So Calming myself a lil bit and beginning to breathe easier, we continue on our journey and then almost spiritually, the cars start moving and we are then on our way again !!

      We arrive at the Hospital by 5~15pm and there's Security Gates and Guards, and so many places to drive too ??  We spoke to a Guard and he showed us where to go, and that the Doctor would come out to meet us in the car park, when he knows we have arrived. 

      By this time my lil baby is breathing quicker as she was in a lot of pain, she hadn't had pain killers. since that morning and its now almost 5~30pm. I just wanted her to be seen and for him to hopefully, tell us that he knew what to do and she could be saved ! Plus the fact that he would even see Milly and give his opinion was truly amazing. 

        Considering Damien told us that normally to just walk in his office it was,

           £2000-00 ....... Yep he's that good and that expensive !!

         It seemed ages that we were parked and waiting for him to come out ....... then we see a man walking towards us and he doesn't look like a top most expensive surgeon type ??    He's in jeans and a shirt and he casually walks over, and we get out and I almost kiss him. But I thought he may think I'm slightly Strange !! 

        I was just so happy that he would even look at my Puglet, and that maybe he would be able to her. 

   He gets to us and say's

 " I'm really Sorry, But I haven't Shaved, as he'd been in Surgery All Day !! " 

 I turned to him and said

                                       " Well I'm Sorry but could you go and shave, because I couldn't talk to him about Milly until he was TIDY !!! "

             He just burst out laughing and at that point I knew, he would be able to sort my lil Puglet, if anyone in the whole world could he would be the one !! But I still had the sinking feeling that he would say that the damage was too bad, or she was too small ............

       We follow him into the building and he takes us into a examining room. and asks me to put Milly on the table so he could look at her. I put her down and stood back feeling incredibly sick, now this lil baby as some of you will all know.  That I have all my babies by 5 weeks old, they are  trained, and they
 SIT  STAY  AND  WAIT  for their Dinner,  it's something that helps me to control them easily and teaches them manners ! 

So when I put her on the table, where she was Standing and I said to her to ....... 

                          ........... Sit Down and Stay !

     Here's a film showing how good Milly,George and Sidney,

                           were at Sitting and Staying !!

           When I tell her, to sit and stay she does instantly ( as they all did as shown in the film above )  All the while the Specialist is watching me, and then watching Milly !  He just stands back and smiles, as this lil Puglet sitting and she never once stopped looking at me, and she just sat there.  

         He walks up to her shaking his head, and he suddenly kneels on the floor and opens her mouth. This  9 week old puppy who hadn't had pain killers for hours, just let him open her mouth wide open, and allows him to look for a while inside her mouth. 

         No Turning her head, No trying to close her mouth, and Amazingly not once showing an ounce of pain ???

     He looks over at me and says "  This  REALLY   is an Incredible Dog, "

        I just say " I know ? "

     He then Looks again into her mouth and says,

               " This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen ?

He then asks me whether I had seen this properly ?

  I replied 

 " NOPE, as the last time I saw her, her face was exploding with Blood !! "

He calls me over to have a look, so I kneel next to him on the floor as you do, with the Best Surgeon in Britain !! Well when I look in her mouth, behind her Canine Teeth the entire top of her mouth had completely snapped in half ........ 

        Right behind the Canine teeth it was snapped in a straight line and the only thing holding the front portion of her mouth was the Gums from her front teeth !!! 

      He was right it was amazing, question was did he have any idea's to save her life or was this the end for my Milly ??

 Milly kept this Sweetness, and Complete Trust Always  <3

               Well we both get up and he says he want's to, examine her again with a light and other things, He turns to me and says
 " Can you hold her, because I can see that she is happier when you are holding her ? "

      With that I pick up my Puggly and I'm holding her and looking down at her ........ then this puppy who had all these things happen to her and being without Pain killers ....... this little Puppy Looks up at me and reaches up and starts kissing and Licking me on my face ??? 

                She was in so much pain and had suffered so much, and with her mouth broken in half, this amazing baby opens her broken mouth and gives  
ME KISSES !!  well I just burst into tears yet again ??? 

     The Specialist turns to me and says .....

 " Your Vet Told Me About You ?? and I can see exactly what he 
    Dai asks  " Is it that she is Totally Nuts !! "  Charming I thought ?

         He replies  " Nope " ...... but leaves it as that ?

       He then continues looking at Milly and all the while he is writing things down and drawing lil pictures and I'm beginning to worry as his list is getting larger and larger ?? 

      All of a sudden he stops and says " 
Ok I can mend her !! "

      I promptly start welling up again. 

        He then asks  " Did I care if she did not looked totally perfect ?

 I said  " I didn't care what she looked like just so she was mended, and would not be in constant pain and wouldn't need lots of follow up surgeries as she grew ? "

He said  "  He would try to make her as gorgeous as he could, but he thought that One Surgery would be all she required ! "

     He then went into how he will need to have 3 other Specialists, a Nose and Throat Guy,  Bone Guy and another Plastic's Guy  ??   We will have to firstly X~ray her and she will have to have reconstruction and her Jaw will have to be Wired as Its Shifted and the List Just Continued ................ 

      Dai looks as white as a sheet and is thinking she is going to make me sell my Organs and the Car ???

     I'm just crushed cos I don't know how I could Justify the cost ................. and I'm beginning to have this almighty sinking feeling.

                    He turns to me and says " Ok it will Roughly be Around the
£10,000~00 figure ??? "  I just sunk completely.

     He looks at me and Milly she's just watching me and had no clue what was going on she was just happy to be with her Mummy !! 

    Then these words come out of his mouth ........

      " Don't Worry About the Cost ......... This ONES ON ME !!! "

    You will need to pay for the equipment and anything we use ....... but it will be Under your £2000-00 with that You Guessed it I completely Burst into Tears and this time I did kiss him !!!

     I think he got the message about how thankful I was through the crying and kisses and from Milly's point of view, she didn't even think all this Fuss was about her, she just enjoyed taking in the scene and me giving her cuddles and kisses !!

    He said he would take her from me and that she would be fine with him and he promised to take extra special care of her cos she was my baby !!  I made him promise that he would ring me the moment that he had Operated on her.

  With that he was gone off with my Milly, and ......... 

        We were left to take it all in ........... and go home ?? 

Milly and Her Brother George the Day before her Accident !

                    Once again I was left completely shocked and to be honest, I just didn't know what to say or do ? After all we had been through, I just couldn't believe that Milly was going to be alright , well that she stood a better chance as long as she made it through the operation. But she had made it through this far and he was sure she would be fine so ........

              We drove straight home and it was late by the time we got back and of course Ben and Emma were there. Waiting for all the info on Milly, even though I had already rung them to say that she was to be staying there and was to be treated. I went to sleep that night feeling hopeful that our Milly would be sorted.

          I rang first thing the next morning and I was given to the specialist, he said that there had been a big fight happening as we spoke !!! I asked why and he states that as it was a teaching hospital, all the students wanted to be in on such a unusual operation, and witness an operation, that the school had never seen before !! 

            But he then said that wasn't the main argument ............ he said that all the various Specialists were almost begging him, to allow them to be in on Milly's operation ??? I asked was it for the same reason ??  he said nope apparently they had never had such a young puppy in the hospital, and they had virtually never had any young dogs let alone a  9 week old puppy !!! 

     So all the surgeons, nurses and anaesthetist were 
 NOT  arguing over the special operation they were arguing over which ones would be involved in the operation, as they had all fallen in  LOVE  with Milly, and they wanted to be there just because of her !!!

           In fact he said that Money Bribes and Drawing Straws were being contemplated !! and not only that but she hadn't spent a moment inside her cage since the moment we had left ??? As all the Staff were taking turns holding her while she slept !! He then said that right at this moment 2 specialists were bribing each other over which one would hold her next !!!

        He then said that he would be doing the operation soon and he would phone me as soon as he had finished up !! So I was back to the waiting game .......... Patience is a Virtue ???   Once again I was left sitting by the phone and clock watching ........... it doesn't work !

         Two Hours Later the phone rings and he gives me the news that the operation went better than he could have possibly hoped and her Jaw would be a lil bit wonky but she would be a lot better looking than he thought before the surgery !!  Apparently she was still very swollen and it would probably take months for her face to settle down, but basically she was ........ 
 Perfect !!!

        Guess what I was crying once again ........ I know I'm very emotional , but to be honest I don't really care and I have always said the time to stop breeding puppies is when you don't cry when they leave your home to go onto their new life !!! and I still cry when my babies go so ........... 

    He tells me that he knows that I'm happy even though I'm crying and yep I was very happy  : )

    He then asks me what am I feeding her as they would try to feed her a lil bit just to make sure she was mended correctly !! I told him she eats Rice Pudding ....... He asks Rice Pudding ???  Yep she has Rice Pudding for Breakfast and also could he makes sure it's warmed up as she doesn't like it cold !!! 

   He says " Of Course She Doesn't  !!! "     and Starts laughing ~ 
cheeky I thought 

He then asks did she need to have a specific Brand ??  I told him to be quiet if all he was gonna do is make fun of 
ME ???  I tell him nope she doesn't mind what brand. But Please make sure its warmed, but check its not too warm as I wouldn't want her burn't !!

        With him continuing to chuckle he says he will get a nurse to call me later and let me know how Milly was doing as he was in Surgery all day. I thanked him again and went to tell everyone the good new's that Milly was going to be
 OK !!!

            Milly and her Siblings eating their Rice Pudding :) 

            The Black Cloud lifted I phoned Damien and promptly started crying as I don't know what he said to the specialist about me ........... but it had worked, and more than that my Milly was going to be fine  : ) and I wanted to Thank him So Much because he had gone out of his way to get my baby better. He got all flustered and said Don't be silly he didn't do anything, but he was very pleased that she was going to be just fine.

       Later that day we get the phone call from the Nurse and she said that Milly had eaten, and they were very pleased with her, and they thought that she would be able to be picked up the next day !!

                She also wanted to tell me, while the specialist was out of the room, that she didn't know what I or Milly had done to him ???   But after he had got off the phone from me that morning, he apparently had taken off his scrubs collected his Keys he'd then driven off in his car. 

       He had come back with a few tins of Rice Pudding !! and not only that, 

              But he had then warmed up the Rice Pudding  

  and then had spoon fed the Rice Pudding to Milly ~

                                      She did not think he had known where the kitchen in the hospital was before that, as normally he can't even make himself a coffee. But she has seen everything now and she said she didn't think she would ever see the like again !!

     Well the rest as we say is History ........ we collected our Milly the very next day and we didn't see the specialist, as he had been called away to America on an emergency operation ? 

     When Milly had been home for a couple of days , The phone rang and It was the specialist !! 

He said "  He had never done this before ~ But Milly and I had left such an impression on him, that he could not get us out of his mind !! and he wanted to apologise for not being there, when we collected Milly ?? "

     I couldn't believe that he wanted to apologise for his absence ???  I told him he had given me Milly back, and if he ever decided that he would want a Puglet Ever he knew my number, and there would be a Baby waiting for him  INSTANTLY !!  and .......... 

I could never repay him for what he had done for  

          As for Milly she came on leaps and bounds she has some breathing problems and gets a runny and blocked nose, which over the years she has learn't to sneeze her nose clean !!! Delightful I know !

      She breathes like Darth Vader,  and well her Snoring should get her in the Record Books, but apart from that she is still the bravest Puglet ever, and still has the sweetest and most lovable personality I have ever known !


           Here are some Pictures of Milly around 2 weeks after her Operation and some older one's and a film of Milly when she was One and Babysitting her younger Brother Oscar !!!            

Milly 2 weeks after her Operation !

Milly and her Mummy Mitzi !!

Milly 2 weeks after her Operation !!

                Milly and her Younger Brother Oscar !!


Milly and her Best Friend My Son Ben !!

Milly and her Younger Brother Pongo !!

Milly and her Son Humphrey !