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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Your Dog Has Cancer..... WHAT NOW ???

          You have known that there is something wrong with your pet.......... you've done the tests......... your vet has given you the possibilities .................... you've had the X-rays................ you have now had the results and no matter how many times you have thought about it ........ talked about it .............. tried to forget about it ................. hidden from the chance of it........... you realise that it's not a bad dream your 
    Best friend does indeed have CANCER .............. WHAT........... NOW ????

        I know exactly how you are feeling, I have been right where you are ?? and  I know how much it hurt's and how much you wish it was different, but I'm sorry my lovely but it's not going to just vanish because you want, wish or NEED it to. It's here and your Best Friend needs you and they need you to be there for them now??  no matter how hard this is you have to start by putting your feelings to one side. 

        This is very easy to say and I know how very hard it is to do ......  If you need someone to scream at then scream go into a field and let loose !! 

       But when you come back in it's time to deal, the main thing you have to remember is that Dog's don't know what Cancer is and they don't care that they have got it ??? Human's are the only species that feel's sorry for itself and we claim to be the most intelligent !!!

       Your friend does not realise what is happening to them ........ they will definitely notice if you are in a complete emotional wreck and that is the only thing that will be worrying them. So please I know it's hard but try to not change how you behave around your pet because that will upset them. Animals don't have the issue's that we have, they just deal and they do it well !!

       So my main point in this posting is FAKE IT !! When you are with your pet then fake it ! what I mean with this is when you are on your own you can cry your heart out, break down come on this Blog and vent and rant.  This is what I made this Blog for ............ So you would have a place to come when you are in your darkest time's and come here and just know that I and all the other's that visit this Blog are here for you.

     But when you are around your pet then try to act normal , and your pet will be normal. They don't care that they are ill, they won't feel sorry for themselves if they have an amputation, animals accept things they don't worry about looks or lil thing's like loosing a leg ??? But they do care and they do worry if their most important person in their life is treating them differently or breaking down every time they come near you or you walk past them.

     When Fizz was diagnosed I completely broke down, she was my baby and I adored her, but she showed me over the time from the date she was diagnosed to the date she went to heaven. How truly amazing an animal can be and it's something that is completely amazing and spiritual thing to be around and as much as her passing Killed me I feel honoured that I was around such an amazing creature and that creature adored me totally ....... and over time I have realised that she has taught me more in her short 6 years than I had learned in my 40 .............. and we say that we are the most intelligent thing on our planet 

    We know NOTHING ???  and I know that you will realise this over time. Anyone who has an animal who is seriously ill, will learn that Your Pet will teach you more than you have ever taught them.  With their acceptance of their illness, their spirit and love for life, and the total love of others including You. 

    You will learn more than you ever knew before and that I promise you that this will be the everlasting Gift that your Best Friend will give you......  and this will be, you realising that what I'm telling you is true. It may take month's before you realise but it is something that shows that even when our Pet's have past they still fill our live's completely. 

    And that is the biggest gift of LOVE that your pet will ever give you.

The Bond of LOVE Forever.

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