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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Standing Strong then Walk !

              The thought that you have a 4 legged dog one day, and then a 3 Legged  the next , would mess with anyone's head ? But with Bone Cancer you also have to cope, with the fact that this is not the end of your Pet Problem's. I think that it's best to put that part to the back of your mind, as the 3 leg's is your main distraction at this time, and let's tackle one Hurdle and keep the rest for another day !

            As I spoke to all of you in my previous post about the emotional dealings, of  when your dog has had their leg removed. But now I'd like to talk to you about the first time you get your Dog to walk, when you are there with your Dog, and it's first day of a new way of life.  My Page on Tip's goes into the physical need's and give's you some practical advice, so that your pet's home coming will hopefully, be as stress free and easy as possible. 

           So if you haven't read that I would suggest you have a look, as it will hopefully give you some idea's to make the transition easier for You and your Pet. Simple thing's like carpeting any slippery floor's, or tip's to prevent your Pet from chewing out the stitches. Have a look at the pages as they may have some idea's that you have not thought of, or maybe you have some tip's of your own that I could add to the list to help other people as well ?

         But this Post is about how it feels to have left with 4 legged Dog, and then to return home with a 3 legged  one ?  

Confusing , Hurtful , Powerless, Empty , Devastating, Heart Breaking , Angry , Scared ............. All of these and any other emotion's that can be either felt or acknowledged are perfectly normal.  All these feelings and more are understandable and will be felt at some time during this nightmare time.

 BUT you can't show any of these NEGATIVE emotions around your Pet .............. Easy to say and very  HARD to Do !!

          Faking it is the way to go, and it's the only way to be around your dog !

        I want you to realise that your dog does  
               NOT  FEEL ANY  OF  THESE  EMOTION'S  !!!

Does this Dog look like she has Emotional Issue's ??

                This dog, my Fizzles and she never once felt sorry for herself or hid herself from the world, as she was So Upset as her leg had been removed ?  She smiled her way through some of the most painful and bravest of time's, her Spirit made it easy to cope with, and she never once lost her Smile. There were time's when I didn't think I would be able to manage, or whether I would be able to deal with the thought of losing this incredible dog.

          She showed me time and time again, how truly amazing she really was, and the day I went to see her the day after her amputation, was one I will never forget. I had asked her to Stand up, and she stood, now all she needed to do was walk !!! The courage that animals show us daily, with not a single thought for themselves, should be an inspiration to us all.

           We had no idea as to whether Fizz would be able to support her enormous weight on 3 leg's, it was something that had scared my vet and I, and to be honest neither one of us had actually mentioned the WHAT  IF  ?? I was going by day to day and this day was a  Suck it up and Just Do it DAY !! I would be untruthful if I told you I was sure that everything would go well, or that Fizz would be able to cope. But I know at that moment Fizz needed me to be there for her and, for me to stay there by her side

         When I started walking in front of Fizz and told her to walk ................. it was a moment of complete magic,  and worthy of some serious background music !! This is the moment that your Pet's life has led up to, the training, learning , bonding and loving, all those years that you and your Pet have Lived and Loved. It's now ..........No~one know's your pet the way that you do ?? 

 The only person that your dog would go that extra step for is YOU !!

Fizz 2nd Day after her Amputation !!

               My Fizzles was an amazing dog, but so too are the thousand's of other Animals that have a Amputation from Accident's or Illness. The only part of Cancer is that the removal of the Limb is just a Stop Gap and in the end will only lengthen the animals life for a while. But if I'm honest I didn't comprehend the full picture and I had these Rose Tinted Spectacles On and the Dream that it would all be Ok in the end ........... cos the Good People always win at the end of the Films.  

         I think people should see Bone Cancer as a lot of small Battles some days you win and other's you end up scratched up a bit ?!? So take each day as a new day and make each Battle into a small victory. 

The first WIN will be the moment your Dog  Stand's  Up  and  Stand's  Strong  !!! 

My Fizzle's was Standing one mark for the Good Guy or in my case Good Girl !!

         This is where you have to grit your teeth, and make sure that you have someone else holding a support under your Pet's tummy, just in case they fall. Once you know that they are not going to let your pet fall, you will feel much more assured, that your Pet will be safe when they try to walk !!

Its all psychological and the Psychologic's is not for your  DOG ... It's  for  YOU !  

          When you know your dog will be safe, you will then be able to start walking yourself, and your Dog will follow you ....... So it's up to you. 

         When I knew that Fizz was not going to fall, I just started walking and she followed, Sian and Emma stood either side of Fizz. As I started walking ahead of  My Fizzly and she walked, Sian and Emma were holding the Cot Bumper with Fizz walking in between them. The Fact that Fizz was so strong, helped to hold her up and she held her entire weight without any need for Sian and Emma. They were there just in case she fell or became unbalanced, she was holding her weight without them. 

         But Fizz was walking by herself less that 18 hour's after her leg was removed, and she was even able to go down 2 step's, to go outside of the Clinic to try to walk about. We got outside and she just followed behind me, she had to sit down for a few moment's to catch her breath. But she was walking, and she was walking better, than anyone could have possibly dreamed.

          Sian and Emma kept repeating how they couldn't believe it,  they kept saying she's holding herself up and we are carrying No Weight !!! 

                 They also couldn't understand how relaxed I was, and not fazed by Fizz's amputation and how calm I was being ???    I was calm because I knew my Fizz needed me to be Calm, and with me being calm she remained calm and it was just another walk in the park ! 

She looked up at me from her sitting down breather, and I just looked at her and said  

  " Ok Fatty get up and keep walking !! "

       There were a group of Firemen doing a Training Session and they looked over at Fizz, and I could see their faces dawning on the fact of what, was happening with this huge Rottweiler. They were just standing still not talking or moving, Just Watching this Dog sitting down in the middle of the car park ? 

I could almost hear the well wishes that must have been flowing through their brain's.

       They just stood there and watched, I couldn't make eye contact with anyone, as I knew I would break if I did !!  I knew that if I had looked at anyone right at that moment, I would have weakened and I was not allowed to be weak in any way.  I turned around and looked at Fizz, eye to eye and then I said it ....... 

        I said  " Come On, we have to keep walking ! " 

Fizz looked at me and if she could have sworn at me I think she would have ?? 

But she was a Lady and Ladies are always polite !! 

                  So instead this 10 Stone though Probably 8 and a half stone Rottweiler as she had her leg removed remember ,  just looked at me and huffed.  Then she gritted her teeth, moved her remaining back leg into a better position and  squeaked once as the Elastic Tape covering her Incision was catching on her shaved skin !!

       Sian and Emma at the ready just in case she fell, me in front of her avoiding all eye contact !!

  This Bravest  of  Creature's,    My Fat Lump who defied all the odd's.  

        She pulled herself up and stood there not moving just still, gathered her thoughts and regaining her balance. 

 We look at each other ..... I turn around and once again we started walking  ............  

      The Firemen started Clapping and Cheering her ..........

               ( Her own little Cheer Leading Squad !! 

                      and that's when the tears began to fall down my cheeks.

    I gulped back my tears and said  " Ok Lets go Home  !! "

The Bravest of the Brave ~ My Fizzle's 


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