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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Amputation ~ Laughing Helps !

          The fact that your dog has got Bone Cancer, and you have chosen the path of Amputation, tell's me everything that I need to know about you as a person. You are someone who is prepared to deal with anything, as long as it's a better choice for your pet. Your not used to taking the easiest option, otherwise you would not be here looking into way's to help you deal with your pet's amputation.

            If you have made this decision, it show's me that you are capable of dealing with anything, otherwise you would never have picked the removal of your Beloved Pet's Limb. You know that you will do what needs to be done, to make the transition as easy for your Pet as possible.  I hope that reading my Blog is, in some small way helping some of you, who are going through these hard times, such as when you eventually bring your Pet back home after it's amputation.

            When your Pet gets diagnosed with Bone Cancer it's such a rushed affair with X~ray's, Blood Test's, Biopsies and then the Amputation and after that your Pet is brought home. That's when everything just slow's down, and the shock of all of this suddenly hit's you.  I know that your head is spinning  and your worried with the thought that you are coming home with a totally different dog.  Your Dog's physical need's will have changed , they will be wobbly and in pain and unsure,  

            BUT  your Dog's spirit is and will always be Totally the  SAME !!

                      My Fizz she never lost her Smile.... Ever

             I don't know about you but in time's of great stress,  LAUGHTER  is one of the best thing's to release pressure, and bring some light into your life when time's are hard. No~one would choose to have a three legged pet, unless they are a owner of  a three legged chicken.  But then that chicken would be worth a hell of a lot more, than a NORMAL  two legged chicken could be sold for !  I'm sure KFC would be calling for the right's to those bonus Three Legged Chicken's instantly !!  

Though strangely enough you Don't seem to be offered more money for a 3 legged dog ?!?  

          See it's Ok to Joke around about your Hop~a~long Canine  !! They will not be offended or hurt by comical comments, and they will actually be a lot happier to see you laughing and smiling around them ! Dog's don't want their owner sitting in a depressed heap and crying all the time.  They definitely don't want their owner to start feeling sorry for them, they want you to  ENJOY  your time with them. 

            As from my last post you will know where Fizz and I were, we were standing in a Car Park, getting my Fat Lump to move, while being cheered on by Firemen  (  Every Girls Dream !!  )   Our Vet Sian and Nurse Emma had no idea,  how well Fizz would be able to cope with her Amputation. The fact that Fizz had showed them, how special Fizz was especially the way that she had got up and then walked, virtually unaided was for me a major victory.

I already knew she would be Ok, I don't know how I knew ~ but I just did.

        Fizz was an amazing character, with such a strength of Spirit that I knew, she could cope with anything. Our vet's had known this Rottweiler from a puppy until this ground breaking moment of her life, as she was there,  sitting there at the age of 6, this was when my vet's knew what an truly incredible dog Fizzly was. Sian and Emma looked at each other, and they just stand there taking all of this in, how this dog was walking and more than that, she was virtually walking without any need for them.

      Sian turns to me and just say the word's that I was wishing for .........        
   " Take her Home as she is obviously happier when she is with you ! "

         Those of you who are out there that don't believe that Dog's can understand, what people are talking about needed to have been with My Fizzle's at the exact moment !! 
         Because this dog stood up and tried to leg it     ......  All be it 3 legged and Hopping ?!? She almost took off running causing all of us to panic holding her lead and keeping her Cot Bumper attached to her tummy !!! Fizz bolted and began looking for Where had these Stupid Owner's had Left their Car !!

               Our totally organised group of  2 Owner's , One Vet and One Nurse fell apart completely ....... see we all  knew exactly what we were doing  :)  
              The only one who seemed to know where we were going, was the Three Legged Patient and she wasn't talking English,  but  She Wanted To Go Home NOW !!      
We manage to get control of the situation ( So Professional ~ We were NOT ! )

 But we were all laughing and that's what this Post is all about ! 

         Sian said that obviously Fizz wanted to go home, but she would need an Injection of Pain Killer's and some Tablets to go home with, also they wanted to try to remove the sticky plaster covering her incision. As we had all noticed how it was catching as she walked and it was annoying her so they would take it off as she would hopefully leave the scar alone ??? Good Luck was all I was thinking as Fizz has always been a chewer of stitches.

                  The only problem we did not anticipate was when we tried to get the ¾  Rottweiler back into the Vet's Surgery when she had heard the word   HOME  !!   For a dog who had, had a Major Operation to remove her Back leg less that 18 hour's before ........ She could still put up a fight, when we turned toward's the Surgery Door !! We virtually had to carry the Fat Lump in through the door, as she wasn't planning on staying a moment longer than  POSSIBLE  !!! 

          When we went to the Surgery any day, after that day she would Bolt out the door as if to say !!  I stayed longer last time and they cut off my leg ..........
 I don't have anything else left to give you  ????

         After we had managed to get the Stubborn Rottweiler back through the door,and back into the surgery !! She eventually decided that we were not going to give into her demands, of running off and going home. Sian and Emma as usual were laughing at Fizzle's and Mine, understanding of each other and the way that this huge Rottweiler would behave instantly with just a look from me  !! 

        I inform Fizz that we'd be 5 minutes and then we would go home, and she'd better just lie down, and be good as it would go much faster if she just behaved herself !!  Fizz as always did as I said and while Sian get's the Injection and Tablets, Emma tries to take the sticky off her shaved skin .......... well she was having none of that !!!  Fizz started Grumbling at Emma, just as Sian walks into the room. 

       Please remember that this ¾  Rottweiler has just had her leg removed, and has just walked the entire circuit around the Surgery. So to be fair I can't really blame her as Plaster Removal is not the Nicest's of thing's to occur !! When you decide to bring a Dog with the Hardest Bite in any Legal Dog, then that come's with a total amount of responsibility, and when you have children that should be the highest condition.

      So there I am with the sharp end of a 10 Stone Rottweiler, actually we were face to face, and Emma who was only trying to make her more comfortable, by taking her plaster off ?  Well when she Grumbled at Emma I just automatically give Fizz a Clip round the ear and tell her to pack it in and  BEHAVE  !!! Sian and Emma just stand back and watch as this stupid woman is lying face to face, with this growling Rottie and all she does is tell it to Shut Up and Behave !!

     I didn't see what the fuss was as I knew Fizz was just fed up, and she was just telling Emma to leave the plaster Sticking or Not ! But I suppose to a unused eye it must have looked slightly scary, Dai just started laughing, and we all looked at each other then back at Fizzle's looking very sheepish. It was another one of those moment's that made us all laugh, and still makes me smile even while telling all of you the story today.

    Emma say's that I would be better to remove it later, and then we were ready to go home, and I think Fizz was readier than all of us !! As soon as I stand up and look like I'm leaving Fizz is trying once again to rise up as she will not be left behind again. Sian and Emma are standing either side with the Cot Bumper under Fizz's tummy, Dai is walking ahead of us opening door's and as I stand, almost by the door to go outside. 

          Fizz see's the car ........... She run's completely taking everyone by surprise, she almost passes me, then Sian and Emma are trying to keep up with her. While they are both trying to fit through the doorway along side of this supposedly Crippled Rottweiler !! Both of them falling behind,  Dai in the meanwhile, totally oblivious to the Clown Show behind him !! 

               He open's up the front door seat for me to sit down while Fizz was supposed to go on the back seat to be more comfortable ...............  well for those who have read Fizz's Story Part 9 will know exactly what is about to happen next ??  For those who haven't read it Shame on You  :)  

        Well Fizz had a place where she always sat and it was by my feet in the space between the Dashboard of our car and me in the front passenger seat ! Fizz see's  HER  door open and then speed's up with Emma and Sian totally failing to keep up with her ........... She then jumps straight away and flies into the front space which was always  HER  SPACE  !!

         She squeaked once as she landed and she sat there with her Stupid Cheeky Grin all over her face and her  BIG  BUG  EYE'S  this was My Fizzles and yep,  She was GOING  HOME  !!  and everyone around her at that moment, was laughing and I'm sure Fizz was laughing harder than all of us and just happy to go  HOME  !!

                                            My Fizzle's 

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