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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Blogging Experience .... So Far !!

           For those of you who know me, You will be totally surprised, by my even starting a Blog, as I'm known by my friends to hate everything computer's.  I'm also not normally known for my keeping in contact, with people and I'm normally a nightmare to get hold of ....... so spending time on a Computer. Especially with the fact that I have to keep in regular contact, on a form of Social Networking. Will completely astound everyone who I know !!
          But as I told you all on the beginning, when I started this Blogging Life I did it to help people, and if I'm honest, it was also a way of getting over my own loss of my Rottweiler named Fizz. 

The big question is ? 

In these few weeks into this Blogging Business is ..... have I helped anyone or have I overcome my loss ??

     Well the asking if I have helped anyone. is down to all of you who have come and read my stories. So my next question should be to all of you ...... 

Have I helped any of you ?
Have you found my blog interesting ? 
Has this Blog been helpful in any way ?
What can I do differently to help you more ?
Would you like me to discuss something that's worrying you ? 
Is there a topic that you would like me to discuss ?

      With regards to whether this Blogging has helped me to recover from the Loss of Fizz ? Well I would say that I don't honestly think that I will ever get over her passing. But I have found talking and writing about Fizz, has sort of given me a purpose. Though I have found myself sometime's crying as I write which I think worries my Family a bit ........ and I get a lot of Don't do it if it Upset's You or Don't read about Cases if it's going to make you cry  :)  

      I know it upset's me and I think her life story Parts are going to get harder the further I go into Fizzly's Life, and her Battle with Cancer and Her Incredible courage, and then her Last Battle that she couldn't win. When I get to these stages, I feel I will be spending quite a bit of time Crying,  especially when I get to her passing as I haven't ever written about her Passing. I do find that I can hold it together, until I actually get to write it down and actually, see the words in whatever colour I picked for the Last Battle. 

     What has surprised me more is the differing opinion's, depending on which Site I post my  Blog's On. I can post exactly the same article and not mentioning any site's by name :) But the differing opinion's for the very same article's I find totally astounding, and some of them I find really upsetting. with the callous way they deem to reply to my post ?? Especially when I talk about Bone Cancer and the fact that I had chosen the path of Amputation and Chemotherapy.

     I realise that everyone has a different opinion and you can never please everyone, all of the time ( No Matter How Hard You May Try ) But one particular site seem's to have people who will always judge, before getting the full story, or just claim that what I'd done is unethical, and cruel and how could I allow myself to be pushed into thing's, without giving my dog any thought at all  :(  

             Those of you who have read some of my post's or those who actually know me, would laugh at such comments :)     But it still is upsetting and unfair especially when, there are other site's that are amazing out there !


            Now these two Sites, I am going to name, as they have been absolutely wonderful and I'd recommend visiting any of these  following Sites  :) 



            This Site is specifically made for Furry Friend's with only 3 Legs, who have lost a limb to a variety of Diseases and others that have been Injured in Accident's. The Site was started by a couple in America who had a Alsation named Jerry who had his leg removed like Fizzle's due to bone Cancer. His family started Blogging and so the Site Tripawds was made and the rest as they say is History.        
              My only wish is that I had found this site, when my Fizzly was first ill and Still with me ;)  This is an incredible family of friendly and helpful people, who know how it feels to have a Pet with an Amputation :) The wonderful reception that this site, gives people in need is a amazing thing to behold.

          If you love animal Stories of Courage and Survival then this place is a definite Place to visit, and you will be welcomed with open arms and lots of hugs :)  The people on this Site are definitely My Sort of People,  they don't judge anyone, they listen and give advice without being over ~ Bearing or Sarcastic. It's more than that,  though  they 
CARE I mean Really  CARE, they love their Dog's in the True and Proper Way.
          They certainly don't let a Small Problem of Cancer or Accident's, Slow them down or allow the fact that their Pet only has 3 Legs  to hinder their Pet's Life and Goal's. Even when in Grief as a lot of these people are, as they have lost like me their Beloved Pet, to the diseases that their Pets were suffering from. But even then they have the capacity in their hearts, to help others, even when in their own Darkest Moments.

           These amazing people have the capacity, to put aside their own Grief or Suffering, to spend time offering support and help for others.  Who are in the beginnings of their own Battle with diseases, or accidental Injuries, that have led to their Pet either losing a limb, or some massive hurdle of life. But these new people will find Hundred's of people willing to offer support, advice or just a friendly ear. It's these people who have gone through these Dark Moment's before, that will help others when they themselves are suffering.

          Now that I think is worthy and totally amazing and these people who have lost their own Best Friends. I want them to know now, how totally amazing I think they are, and how immensely proud their Dog Angels must be of their owners. Who will follow on their pet's Story and help other's in their Best Friends name. 

         I think this is the most wonderful gift, and I think anyone would find this Site to be a benefit, and a wonderful Place to be, my only suggestion is remember to bring the Tissue's ?!? 

Use the Link Above to see " Jerry Living It Large "  and Putting two Paw's up to Bone Cancer and Time Frames !!!


          This is another Site that I would highly recommend,



             This is a Place for like minded people, who have started Blog's about Anything Animals, when I decided to start my Blogging experience I was a complete novice and as anyone who know's me, will know !  
I'm a total Idiot when it comes to anything Technical !! ) 
       The whole idea for this Blog was to try and help people, but to help people you have to get People to see your Site ?!? 
        This is where BlogPaws came into my Life, it's a site where you can add your Blog to and then, more people will be able to see and Visit your site.  Which for me I felt was a perfect place to start, I didn't know what to expect from my time, on this new BlogPaws Site especially as my beginning of my Blogging world, had been slightly knocked by other site's.

       I was very shocked by one site, that I'd added myself to as the whole Idea was be a place, for people to come to if they were going through hard times. I noticed that the Site was not printing any of my posts, or well wishes to other's, going through tough time's like Fizz and I.  So as I said they had not posted any of my answers to people ?? 

               So I emailed the main person as I thought I was probably not doing it correctly as I was a complete novice.         I received a Curt Reply from the main man !! Who claimed that as I had put my Blog Address on some of my replies to people, so therefore My replies were not allowed to be published ?!? 

       His actual words were "
 Why would I post your answers to people, with your Blog Address , Why would he want to send People to another BLOG  !!! "

        Firstly I was shocked and then bemused and then angry !! I have a variety of Link's on My Blogs and I want to help people, So if I can help people and send them on to another Site then I am more than willing to do it. I just didn't believe that this Large Company would feel threatened enough, to not allow anyone to Place their Blog Sites on his Site ???  Personally I also couldn't believe how someone, could feel threatened of my Teeny Tiny Blog ???

        So when I joined Blog Paws I was slightly scared of doing the wrong thing and being told off again  :) But I need not have worried this Site has greeted me with open arms, and more than that they have bent over backwards to support me. They are all so pleased to help and have allowed me to put 2 Blogs on their site which had not been tried before and I managed to do it 

( On MY OWN !!! )

        See I'm getting better with the Technical ~ So Proud of Myself.

        If you ever decide to write or Start a Blog about animals, then this site is amazing and more than that they will help you with any problems or Questions that you may have. I have found the people on Blog Paws to be talented especially the Photo's some of them are amazing. But it's more than that these people have the same spirit that I love, they love their animals with a passion, and some are so passionate they dedicate their entire Blog to their Pets.

       But they also are welcoming and will get involved with your stories and will talk about them with everyone. They seem to be the most gracious hosts and show no sense of rivalry which is a big quest in the Cyber World . They are just Like ~ Minded people who love their Pets and show it through their Blogs and they all do it with Great Style and a 
Total Sense of FUN !!! 

      Could you ask for anything more !!!

                      So here I am a few weeks into my Blogging Experience and I must admit it's A lot More Work than I thought it would be ! But to be honest it's been a Great Time and I have Loved the whole experience and I hope some of you have enjoyed reading my Posts and Pages as much as I have writing them :) 

           All I have left to say is a

     To everyone that has helped me, 

     To those of you who have Taken the Time to read My Post's and Pages,

     To TriPawds and all the amazing people, dogs and stories,

     To Blog Paws for all the help, and Letting me do my Thing !!! 

      To My Family who have put up with all the 
CONSTANT story telling and for putting up with the Tap Tap Typing, the Crying and the General Intrusion into our lives with My Mind Set being all  THING'S BLOG'S !!!

     My Biggest Thank you goes to MY FIZZLE'S for without her, I would never ever have been here, she is my Inspiration, and                          The Total Love of My Life ! 

 I never knew how Lost I'd be, without You in My Life, until you continued on your Amazing Journey.       


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