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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tango's Fighting Battle for a much Better Life !!

        When I first started my Blog, my hope was to help people if they had problems, with their pets or just needed some advice as to how to deal, with any animal issue that had arisen in their lives. I wanted to be a place where people could come, and we could help people together, and through all of you reading these Post's, we could help other's when they needed a helping hand.

         Now this post is something different, this post is me asking for all of you to help me !!  Now,  I don't have a problem pet 
 ( well I do in Milly, but she's a total lost cause  Smile with tongue  )  

           But enough of my problems, and back to the serious business of           
Me  asking  We  for  Help  :)    Before I ask you all for your kind help, I want to introduce you to a Dog who has caught my Heart Strings and he's not planning on letting go, and here's hoping by the end of this Post, he will have caught a few of you as well !!!

     Introducing  Tango  the  Orange  Bear  !!!    

                This Dog is my main reason for bringing Pen to Paper, or in our case Finger's to Lap Top !! Tango is a True Survivor in every sense of the word, and he had Survived with an Unbelievable Acceptance and a Total Forgiving Nature and its more than that ............ Tango has been through a Terrible Time, 
            What is more amazing that anything, Is That Tango still has the 
                                         Capacity to LOVE  !!!  

                       Tango has probably had one of the worst times ever, he has come from Turkey, where he had been used as a fighting dog, Tango also has had his Ear's Cut Off , they think using scissors, but definitely without anaesthetic, and when they had finished with him, they threw him into the streets ........  

      Where he was then,  Hit  By  a  Car  ..........  and with his leg badly broken and infected, the Place that rescued him decided to remove his Leg, so he was then left at the rescue place, and all the while he was, trying to heal up and get healthy.

                Tango was left in the Rescue Centre for over a year,  but  No~One  offered him a Home, Because in Turkey,  A Disabled 3 Legged  Dog  is...... Worth  Nothing  At  All ...... So one of the Rescuer's decided to try to find him a Home Abroad ??  

This is when Tango was seen by Caroline,  and Tango was Finally Homed   :)  

    Finally Safe and Finally Home !!!    

        This is the Link for all the information about Tango and how his wonderful new home, found out about him and what Caroline, who is Tango's New Mummy and Biggest Fan. Caroline wants the very best for Tango and this Link show's us how she is hoping to achieve, them and .......... 

   All of  Tango's  Goals of  Life and More   :)  


Tango  The  Orange  Bear  also has his own Facebook Page !!  

  The Link for that is ~

This is Tango and his new brother Vader who also has a Minus Leg !! 

              So now I come to the reason behind this posting and Why I need 
                                               YOUR  HELP !!

        If you have read the Link then you will basically know, what I'm after and why ....... But for those of you who jump over Links then your very naughty  :) , but I will let you in on the secret. and the reason behind my Story. While Tango looks to us all to be totally happy, and in the most Idyllic home imaginable !! You would be right as he has definitely landed on all 3 Paw's when he was taken in by Caroline  :)    

           But Tango's Suffering is far from over, and he is about to face one of his biggest Fights Yet ....... and this Battle that Tango has to win is the Courageous Battle to be able to Walk ......... and walk without Pain and Walk  Easily and in  COMFORT !!  This amazing Boy has had to fight for every part of his life and so far he's not had a perfect life or even a  Semi ~ All  Right  Life !!!  But  now he has the Home, that such a courageous and forgiving Dog Like Tango, should have had, from the time he was born. 


          This  is  Tango  the Orange  Bear  Living  the  Hard  Life  !!    

               Now Why do I need your help ??  Because of Tango's Past and His Obvious Injuries, Caroline can not get Insurance to help pay for his Surgeries and Tango is going to have a  LOT  of Surgeries,  if he is ever going to walk Unaided, and more  Importantly Walk  without  PAIN  !!! Tango will  Firstly need a Cart with Wheels to help him be more mobile as, His remaining Front Leg has been  healed  Crookedly, so he can't use his Cart properly yet without the Surgery.
        This is Caroline's Post that can be found on Tango's Facebook Page, explaining what Tango needs to have done, and what Surgeries are needed for this, Incredible Dog to live his life to it's full Intention :- 

So... Tango's vet visit:

Teeth: Tango's teeth may be removed when he has surgery as they are badly damaged but they are not causing him any pain. They estimate him to be a young adult and not quite middle aged, so 4 is about right.

The MRSA scare: Wound has healed nicely and he has been given 10 more days of strong antibiotics, they don't think it's MRSA. After that it's a waiting game, if the wound reopens and the infection looks to have come back then he will need a swab to test it, and if it's a superbug that antibiotics cannot kill then he will need an operation like a tumor removal to cut out the infected skin. The chance of this happening looks much less likely with the success of the antibiotics, the wound is gone and there is scar tissue but this doesn't mean it's gone from the inside.

The surprise....: Whilst in the waiting room I noticed a large lump on Tango's left side, just as well we were at the vets, the vet said it looked like a non-descript fatty lump but to keep an eye on its size and to bring him in if it gets any bigger, this literally popped up this evening very quickly. If it gets any bigger or is still there in 3 weeks they will inject it to take a sample.

Tango's foot: Tango's cart is the next step and they will splint the leg so he cannot use it while he's on wheels. It will take 6-8 weeks to heal and they want to refer me to somewhere else to be sure they can do it with as much support as possible for his weight, they may need to put a metal cage around the outside of the leg as well as plates inside the leg. The operation cost for this is estimated between £1000 and £1500 pounds but this was a guess, and may be much more. I will phone Noel Fitzpatrick (the bionic vet) tomorrow to get an idea of what will be done and what the price will be but it won't be cheap! Tango is uninsurable so I will have to come up with the money for that myself as well as the £600 (again a rough estimate) for his cart, and xray costs etc. When Tango has got his cart they will bring him in for xrays to assess the damage, we may be lucky, it may look worse on the outside than it is on the inside but we won't know until that's done. I spoke to them about all of the options, removing his entire leg (not a great quality of life, he would have to be nursed 24/7) and the fusing operation and cart. I am happy I've made the right decision for him, and if at any point he begins to look unhappy (crying as I type this) I will have him put to sleep, but not without a chance of happiness.

Thank you once again for all of your support, I have a lot more research to do and phone calls to make now but I hope in the end it will be worth it for him. Please excuse me if I don't reply straight away tonight, I am exhausted from the stress of all of this and want to just cuddle him in bed tonight.     

   Tango's Showing his Love  <3   

  How  Can  We  Help  Tango  to  get  Him  Mobile and Well  !!! 

           This is what I am asking all of you , If any of you have any idea's as to how we could raise Fund's For Tango's Wheels / Cart and his further Surgeries. With any other Cost's that run along, when you bring yourself to take in an Injured Dog, who has been Traumatised and Abused. How can we help Caroline in her Quest in Making Tango's Remaining Time, as Wonderful and Active as Possible, while showing him the abundance of Love. that His Life had so far been without !! 

          Caroline is not asking for anything, as she feels that she brought Tango into her Home so she should take on the Financial  Burden, But my thoughts are that Not all of Us can bring in a Disabled Dog and Open your Home and Heart, as most of us have Busy Lives, and Normal Life Worries ............ So I wanted to help Caroline as I feel that we should all feel Part of Tango's Treatment,  Hope and Love. If thinking up way's to raise Money or Kindly Offering a Small Donation .............

          Then we will all have SAVED  a  Disabled and Abused  Dog Who Deserves a 2nd Chance, and then we will all own a Small Part of a Truly Amazing Dog, and Have the Undying Gratitude of a Wonderful Lady, Caroline who is also Tango's Devoted Mummy  :0)

          If you have any Idea's then please Post them in the Comments Box, or Contact Me on My FaceBook Page or Use the Link for Tango's Facebook Page which is Above ........... 

         Any Donation's then Please Contact Caroline on  Tango's FaceBook Page.

        Any Small amount will be more than willingly received, and More than Likely With Tears from Caroline, and a Big Thank you from Tango xoxox

          Caroline who is not in Good  Health herself  has Taken on this Huge Challenge of Bringing Tango from Turkey and the Taking  Him  into her  Family and Home. Without any thought for herself, she did this with only One Loving  WISH ,

       Which  is  that  Tango  the  Orange  Bear  would  have  the    

         Chance  Of   Happiness ,  and  give  him  the  Life,   and        

   Total Love ,    that  this  Incredible    Dog   Deserves, and  who    

   even   after  all   his,   Pain  and  Torture  from   his   Past   Life  

   ~  This  Amazing   Animal  still  has  this  Ability  To Carry On   

                        With  A  Wonderful  Zest  For  LIFE  !                 

      The  Continuous   Fogiving    Spirit,  and    to  Show  us  the     

            Never   Ending   and   Enduring  Power  of   LOVE !!         

 This is a Link to A Film of Tango and other 3 Legged Dogs  :0)

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