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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Why I'm Sometimes Away for a Bit ?

             When I first started this Blog in my Fizzly's name, I had no idea how this process would turn out, or indeed even work ?  What I have found the most amazing is that,  through this Story Telling, I would find people who would be prepared, to read and comment about My Fizzly Post's.  This has made me have a new purpose and a wanting to reach out to more people, and gain more friends and learn lots more,  about some truly amazing dogs. 

                        I found the Site Tripawds and this is an incredible place,  as I have already spoken about it, in my previous post about  " My  Blogging  Experience ..... So  Far !! "  So I will not go into how this Site has made this Blogging Idea, really opened up and turned,  into something wonderful.  It is so much more than that,  those people who know me well,  will actually know something about me that I don't like to dwell on, or normally even mention.

                    But I feel that for this Blog it will hopefully explain why, this Blogging Experience has had such, a profound effect on my life in General.  Those people who know me will already know,  how much this Blogging has affected me, and it has given me a new lease on life. The fact is that I have been ill  for many years, and I  have a variety of illnesses as I seem to collect them, like most people collect ornaments !! 
   But in short as I could continue on for pages :)  

         I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia these were brought on, because when I worked as a Microbiologist in a Hospital. The Machine that we used to test for Tuberculosis was faulty, and it led to me becoming infected with Tuberculosis of the Liver ( Impressive I know !! )    This TB of the Liver led to Adhesions inside my entire Stomach etc area's,  so Basically My Entire body from Waist to Neck,  is like Sellotape sticking to Sellotape !!  
Lovely I know and also Bloody Painful !!   So A  Lot of  Pain Killers Later !!

        Now I manage to hide this fact quite well from People,  who I meet in my General Day to Day Life, but those who know me, will often come in and Just Look at me .............. and then say nothing !!  So I normally guess that I must be looking Absolutely Stunning :) or just Bloody Awful !!!  

         They are also totally surprised that I started this Blogging Lark,  as I'm normally in Bed by 4pm, ( Such a Party Animal !! )  and I also never answer my phone, and I'm normally always in my home !!  So the fact that I'm talking to people at all ! 

It's amazing !! ......  and I must admit I'm having a Ball !!

Just Like My Fizzle's !

                 Now I didn't tell you this because of the " Woe  is  Me !! "  Because I hope you who have read a few, of my Slightly Manic Pages will hopefully realise,  that I am definitely not a Woe  is  Me  Girl !!  I'm just like my Fizzle's,  I don't let small things like hurting,  effect the truest aspect of life which is .............
  LIVE  and  LOVE  LIFE  and  ENJOY !!

           What I wanted to explain is WHY I'm sometimes away  for a Few Day's, and why this Blogging has effected me so much  :) 
     Hopefully it also explains why my animals are so important to me, and when I say that Fizz was My Life        

............... I truly Mean that ........ Fizz was My Life .........   

            The reason for me telling you this is simple it's just to inform you, those of you who read my Blog's, will  hopefully  understand  WHY  ?  I'm away for a few days or I don't get straight back to you,  when any of you send messages or questions.

         It's  NOT  because I'm Ignoring you or have given up on my Post's,  it's just that if I do too much.  Then I have to take a lil rest and recover,  as I can only continue without  repercussions for  ONLY  SO  LONG !!   I was worried that some of you may get fed up,  if  I don't post quickly enough or I'm out of touch, So I felt it was only right to explain  WHY  ??

           If  I do too much then I also get to the point that My Family,  will actually refuse me any LAP TOP ACCESS !!!  As they can see when I have done too much,  and they don't like to see me any worse than I normally am  :) 

So to be fair they look out for me ......  When I don't look out for Myself !! 

Fizzly and her " Baby " My Daughter Emma xoxox

My Fizzly took her role of watching out for her Family !!  As much as My Family have learn't to Look out for ME !!!

          I would like you to realise that as I'm home virtually All the Time !!  My Animals are my Friend's, So this is why I have such a strong connection with all of them. Because they are My Friends,  Companions, Confidants,  and one of My Main reason's for getting up in the Morning.  My Animal's,  Children and Hubbie Poor Dai  <3  :)  ( He has to Put Up with Soooo Much !!

          When I lost my Fizzly it has affected me more than anything else, she and I had this Connection, and ability to talk without noise. When she decided that she had,  had enough and wanted to Move Onward, with her Journey.....  She did it with a courage that I could only hope to gain,  and she did it with a Total Bond of Love, even in her Pain she acted like she was fine with My Children and Only Lay down next to me, when the children had left her sight ........

          When Ben and Emma came back into the room,  she would sit up and act like nothing was wrong .... She Loved them so much that,  she neglected her own pain and worried about them .......  All the Picture's  I have of Fizz apart from the one when she First Came home,  After her Operation ........ the Only  Other photo's,  that I have of my Brave Girl after her Amputation and Cancer,  were all taken after she'd made the decision,  as she was just so tired  ..... 

         So all these photo's were taken,  an hour or so before she took her Bravest Step, so these Picture's have a mixed emotions when I look at them.  But I see the love she had for my children, and that she was ready and  willing to move onwards.  But one of  My  Biggest  Regret's and  Something  that  I Wish,  I'd been Told and something I would tell,  Everyone who reads this Post,  Is  Please Take lots of Pictures, Film's and whatever else you can. 

         Because they are your memories and its something,  that I will wish to my own last breath.  I wish that I'd taken some of my Brave Girls battle,  because she was Incredible,  and she brought me so much Joy  :)  She was the Great  Love  of  My  Life  and more than that.....

  She was My Truest Best Friend and I Loved her Completely.

              My Animals, Hubbie and Children,  they are the only reason why I continue to fight,  and wake up,  Get  Up  and  Live and  Love  each  Day !! 

       They are My Reason for ...............  BEING !!! 

My Fizzly and her Bestest Mate, My Son Ben xoxox



  1. Hi Zena, thank you for sharing YOUR story. I learn a lot from dogs everyday, but we can learn from you too. Now that I have seen Fizz's photos I do see the resemblance between him and Louie. Louie is actually a Pit Bull Lab Mix, can you believe it! His dad was fawn colored with a white chest and his mom was black with a white chest. He got a cool pattern out of those colors that leads him to be mistaken for a Rottie all the time. I never correct anyone because, well, I think it’s kind of cool! I always wanted a Rot, they are so sweet and loving and have such adorable faces. It makes me sad when people are fearful of Rots and Pit Bulls because of how they look. To me I see a sweet and loving face, not a monster. People are fearful of what they don’t understand. For those people that have never had the pleasure of knowing a big dog and may have only heard horror stories on the news will be scared and run away. It is our responsibility to spread the word that a loving home brings up a loving dog. They are not monsters unless we train them as such. I love these photos of Fizz and I’m so happy you are sharing them. I will add your blog to my feed and try to keep in touch. Thank You, Lanni & Blind Louie

  2. Hi Lanni and Blind Louie,
    That's cleared up the question for me as Emma my Daughter and I were discussing your seriously cool dude !! She asked me if he was a full Rottie and I thought he had some Doberman in him ?? But who care's he's got Rottie looks,attitude and more importantly Rottweiler Heart and Spirit :)

    So In Mine and Fizzly's Eye's we Promote Him and he will be an Honorary Rottweiler from now on :)

    It show's us how people's perception of a dog starts with the " LOOK " First !! and nothing upset my Fizzle's more than when she would see a child coming towards her, and then their parent would pull that child across the road and away from her !!

    She would look up at me and ask " Why did they do that ?? I only wanted to see the Baby !!

    My Fizzly was a shining example to all Rottweilers just as Louie is an example to all Pit Bulls and that in itself is all we need to say, their stories and ability to accept their Life Deal's show us anything that we need to know about these amazing spirits of total adoration to everyone they meet :)

    I feel that Louie's story is even more amazing as he has to meet and greet people without the ability of sight, and the story of him and Ethan walking just proves what an amazing Dog that Louie is :)

    Thank you for your lovely comment and I will link Louie's Blog to this Blog because this is a Story everyone should read and he's a true Inspiration for All xoxox