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Saturday, 29 December 2012

The First Week after Amputation ! Part 3

              Fizzly had been home a few hours, before my children arrived back from school, but I was worried that the image of Fizzle's without her leg would have upset them. Even though they knew that Fizzly was having her leg removed and why I still thought that it would either shock or upset them ...... because the image in a lil one's head is one thing,  but seeing it in the Flesh so to speak ..... is another ??

             The Fact that you have children in your life when your family Pet become ill or needs an Amputation is a cause for more worry and sleepless nights of how to tell them and what they will think or how will the adjust to having a dog become very ill and possibly pass .......... Well the younger the child is works for an against but mostly younger children have the same attitude as your dog does they just accept and move onwards !!

               When you have like I did children that were older, Ben was  16 and Emma was 14,  they are older and this means, that you can explain everything regarding your pet. Being older they will realise why,  and what will happen to their beloved pet, and what they will witness and how things will be.  Through talking to friends it seems that the children in between younger and older find this process the hardest and most difficult to comprehend what will,  or what has happened to their pet.

                               Fizzle's and My Daughter Emma <3

             I will be writing about children and amputation in a posting soon, but I will now go back to my little Trolls and my own gorgeous girlie My Fizzles <3 to say that I was worried about how my children would react, to seeing Fizzly without her leg is an understatement,  I was totally panicked ! But I shouldn't have been because, they walked into Fizzly's room like it was any other normal day ....... and just like nothing had changed with Fizzle's in the slightest :)

             I was never more proud of the lil monsters ever !!!

          As they walked into Fizzly's room she opened her eyes and saw my children, she pulled herself up higher and started trying stand up ! I knew exactly why she was trying to get up, she didn't want them to worry about her, she wanted to show them that she was fine ........ that was the sort of Spirit that my Fizzle's had in Spades, and this enduring spirit was why, I fought so hard to keep her with me for as long as possible <3 

         Both Ben and Emma could see what she was trying to do, and without me needing to say anything, they went straight to her bed.  They sat either side of her and told her to stay there, and there was no need for her to get up !  They loved her and for the time being, they would go to her level ........ So there was no need to worry about them ! My Fizzle's looked at them from side to side of her,  with her normal big beaming smile and her lil wagging butt !! 

         Emma lay down next to her and Fizzle's lay her head on Ben's Lap, with that Fizzles sighed completely happy, with her Babies beside her ! She closed her eyes and just relaxed, her whole body content and her children safe and sound. This was when I left the room, and started to cry, as the enormity of everything suddenly hit me. I knew I couldn't show any weakness in front of my children, but I especially couldn't weaken myself,  in front of Fizzle's. 

           Because if I showed worry or upset, then it would all collapse, into a pile of  panic and total hopelessness.  The true extent of what was happening to my Fizzly, but more importantly to my whole family would completely fall apart. I had to be as strong as Fizz was being, and to my wonderment my children's, total strength and acceptance was a sight to see. They were still so young and having to deal with this ..... 

           But the way they had walked into that room, and the natural way they had reacted to the delicate situation, and the instincts that they showed without being told, was a total example for any adult around them :) 

                     Ben and Fizzly, my Brave Babies <3

               This is the most important thing that anyone who is going through this devastating illness, its the fact that you can't show your emotions.  This will instantly affect your dog, and will be more detrimental to your dog's recovery, and your dog's psychological needs, than anything else you could do ! The emotional  part of this illness exactly like dealing with people with Cancer is of higher importance than any Medical Treatment and it will mean dealing or failing ???

               It's also the hardest aspect of the whole world of Cancer, It is this fact that you have to hide how you are feeling and hide it well. Dogs react to subtle body language, that we as humans have lost over the years ! Its why dogs trust children, because they don't hide their feelings, they are naturally true and honest, and its something that Adults seem to loose along the way .......

               The way that Ben and Emma coped with the amputation so far astounded me, but the way Fizzle's had just accepted everything, in her Matter of Fact way was a inspiration to all. It was this attitude and strength of character had shown me, how Fizzle's was going to deal with everything but more importantly was how she expected me to deal with it !! So snivelling in the kitchen was not going to help matters :) 

               Pull yourself together you stupid woman ?!?!  Self taught lesson's are always the cruellest.......... maybe because we don't pull any punches, when dealing with yourself ! Ok pep talk over now we needed to get my Fizzly up and outside and hopefully she would manage to go for a Number 2 as she had only managed to wee before ?? You will find that your dogs bathroom habit's, will take on a whole new meaning after an Amputation ........ 

                So prepare yourself for total Bathroom Madness !!!

              Because your life will remain incomplete until you dog, has gone to the Loo and Done,  A Number 2 !!!



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