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Friday, 18 January 2013

Head or Heart ~ Money Matters.

                I have found the hardest part of this Post is figuring out what to call it....... May seem weird as I know what the concept is , and I  know what I'm going to write about.  Normally the problem is figuring what particular Manic Tale,  I'm going to bombard you all with,  at this time or that time  :)  

        But nope this time its the Title .... I had originally called this piece,

Justifying  the  Cost ..... Verses ...... Your  Own  Need  for  your  Pet !

      Which I know is a mouthful, and it's more than that and I didn't want it to be just about, if you Love your Pet so much, you'd do anything to get them treatment. 

Or If you don't have the Money,  then You Don't Love Your Pet !

       Because if you are here to get help, or catch a Glimpse of how to deal with Cancer, or whether your Dog is a viable candidate for Amputation and Chemotherapy. Then I already know you love your pet, so that is not what this piece is about ...... there is no Judgement Here, and as always I am talking through, my own thoughts and parts of my life stories.

        I just want to talk about the reactions that I have come across, from my own Family Friends and People in Passing. Talking about how they feel with me paying out so much, for just a few months more with Fizzles.  Justifying using all my profit on a 9 week old Puppy worth £650-00, as was the case for our Milly Mooz. Who's story is told in the last 3 Posts on this blog, telling her Miracle Tale and her Saviour, who's decision after a 15 minute meeting with Milly and I, that led to his wonderful Gift, in Giving Milly the Chance of Life  <3

Milly with her Mummy Mitzi 2 Weeks before her Accident ! <3

             Virtually every breeder I have spoken to, and most of my Family Member's and Friends, have felt and told me that they would, never have paid for Milly to be fixed ........... I'm sure I'm not alone in my thinking and those of you out there, who have read her story would understand why, I tried every avenue to save this little Puglet ! 

     The question is was I justified in doing it ??? 

             I myself feel that I would have paid anything to set her right,  and that is where I find myself in Dangerous Territory.  Because when is it time to say that your head,  is more important than your heart ..........  

          This is something that I feel very hard to understand, because the Love for my animals leads me to, Jump in Boiling Water without Armbands nor Kevlar Clothing ! Its also leads me to get to a point, where I would almost have no lengths,  that I wouldn't go to  ????   

            The fact that I have always Insured my animals, has led to these decision making times, a little bit easier.  But when you have to pay 10% of a vet bill, which is in the Ten's of thousands,  its still an awful lot of money ! and with Fizzle's Monthly Payment's of £75-00,  it still causes a big dent in anyone's Bank Statement,  at the end of the Month !  Getting your pet's insured I believe is a must, and its something that I tell all my Puppy Families to do, as most vet bills are huge, and most people's Purse Strings are  NOT  !!!

          It is something that I feel very strongly about, as I would never have been able to Keep My Fizzly, with me for as long as I did. In fact in all eventualities,  I would have probably had to have her put to sleep when she was 15 Months Old.  When her Crutiate Ligament went, in the same Leg that, she developed the Bone Cancer in 5 Years Later !!  I must admit the Irony of paying for the BEST operation,  for the Crutiate Surgery instead of Amputating the affected Leg,  is  NOT lost on me. 

           Especially as Fizzles may still be here,  had she had that leg removed ......  instead of having the leg altered and fixed !!  Its something that has made me wonder, especially once you start writing things down on Paper, or in my case Laptop !!   When writing you seem to spend more time wondering, and contemplating and my contemplation is,  had I not had her insured I would have picked the Amputation,  and then ..........

    Would  Fizzly still  be  with  me  now  ???


                Fizzly and My Daughter Emma  <3

           My feelings regarding my animals is found to be slightly abnormal,  by most of my own family, and most of my friend's.  But it is found  Completely  Alien to the whole of Dai's Family,  who don't have animals as pets, which I find myself find utterly, completely and  TOTALLY ALIEN !!  What I have found during my Blogging Adventure,  is the contrasting and varied opinions that I have found on the Few Sites that I have used to share my stories. 

           This is something that I have found confusing, and sometimes really upsetting, and the fact that the Site's I have used are supposedly, Animal friendly based and Non~Judgemental !!  The fact that anyone would judge someone else's stories or their actions is beyond me. It goes against the grain of what I was trying to achieve in the first place, which is helping others who find themselves, in the same place as Fizzle's and I during her Battle with Cancer.

           I have spoken about the trials and tribulations, that I have found myself in, while starting this Blogging Lark from the beginning.  But what I have found is that one site in particular, seemed to attract some seriously judgemental, and in my eyes not so nice people ! When I made the choice to have animals in my life, I take that very seriously. This  is how I feel everyone should be, when they take the monumental decision, to bring an animal into their lives and homes. 

         It's something that I try to instil into my puppy families, that Insurance is a major part of being a good pet owner, as we are not all as lucky as our Milly was that day.  The question is though when does it become too much .......  I believe this is a personal choice !!  Its when your head must overtake your heart, but with insurance this is something that will ensure that your heart will always be able to win ! Its just a shame that not all battles can be won, and not all hearts will be left unbroken </3 

              This is Molly and she is Milly's Daughter  <3

She shows us how Milly's Gift of Life was a Truly magical one <3

           My own feelings regarding paying for Milly, was that she was my puppy ..... even though she had been chosen by a Family.  I would have done everything in my power, to help this 9 week old puppy,  because I knew she wanted to fight and was a survivor !!  It didn't even occur to me to have her put down instantly, and I am pleased for that fact, because it was proved utterly correct. Milly may snort everywhere, Snore Like a Jet Plane and Sneeze her nose clean !! 

( Disgusting !! and I must get it on film for you all to see :P

Milly is one of the most amazing dogs. its been my pleasure to own and .....

 I Love her Completely ! 

          Fizzle's though was a completely different story and her Life was a source of constant highs and devastating Low's. For all the people who know me, Fizz was  a source of ..........

OMG  your  paying  HOW  MUCH  for  WHAT  ??

        I will freely admit that Fizzle's was probably a Gold Plated Rottweiler, but to me she was worth every penny ! I would have paid anything, to have kept her with me for as long as possible, but this was not why, I paid for all her various Treatments through her too short life.  I paid for those treatments to stop her from Dying as the case at 8 Months ( Twisted Bowel ) then Pain the Crutiate Ligament ( 15 Months ) and to prevent further Damage, and hopefully preventing Arthritis ?? 

        Then when she contracted Bone Cancer, I decided on the Amputation which I felt would stop her pain instantly, and its something I feel very strongly about.  The further treatment was so I could keep her with me for as long as possible ( Selfish Maybe ? Understandable Oh Yes ! )  But it was also because I knew, ( much like with Milly ) that my Fizzly was not ready to give up, and she was a fighter and she wasn't ready to go, and I knew she would tell me when she had enough ! 

         This mean't that I would fight for as long as she wanted to, and I would be there for her when she decided to end her battle. This is the hardest part of being a Pet Owner, its when you have to put your pets needs, above your own heart needs.  Its not easy but its the most important decision, that you will ever have to make, once you bring that lil Bundle of Fur into your home that first day ! 

          It is the worst decision to make, and its why I tried everything to keep Fizz with me Longer, as this decision was the hardest thing I have ever had to do ........  But it is an important lesson to learn is the fact that sometimes Money / Head / Heart Pay no heed.  This is because no amount of money will change the fact, that the time will come when you will know that your pet is ready to end their battle.  Nothing upsets me more when you hear, about pets being kept around for their owners benefit, and their pets needs are second in importance !

         I would have fought until the final moments if I knew that Fizz was still wanting to fight her battle and I would have paid for the privilege.  Fizz showed me the true meaning of courage and the price of love and in the end what are the most important things in life.  Money really doesn't buy you happiness nor should it take over your life, Life is the important point.  

         Living life ....... Loving life, and doing it with the courage, that would see a mother pulling a car off her fallen child, or standing 18 hours after your leg is amputated !  Moments such as this are worth all the Money in the World, and moments like this change your entire world. These precious memories will show you how your order of importance, will change dramatically and your pets acceptance and bravery will leave you speechless and in awe !!

How could you put a Final Spending Figure on that !

  Head ..... Heart ....... For Me Heart wins Every Time <3

                   My Fizzle's ....  My Heart ....... Always  <3


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