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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Milly's Miracle Story Part 2.

              So Milly was taken off the table and rushed out of the room, I was left standing completely numb and totally shocked. Still crying and shaking as the full enormity of the situation started to sink in, Dai led me out of the vets and we then returned home .......  we didn't speak and I think we were both in so much shock, I don't know how he drove home cos I don't think I would have been able ??

       Its always the quiet ones who seem to be able to hold everything together, mind you I think he had to cope cos I wasn't doing that well !!

             This was Milly (Pink Bandana) George (Spotty Bandana) 

                                    and  Sidney (Black Bandana) 

             This Picture was taken a couple of Days before her Accident !

                We arrive home and are greeted at the door by some very quiet children, and for you that know my lot that is a record cos my children are anything but quiet ?? To be fair they were amazing and at the ages of 14 and 12  they were a total credit and I was very proud of both of them. Not only were they still standing there, but they had Cleaned up the entire Blood Bath. 

        They had also managed to find Sidney who was apparently trying to dig to China from behind the television set !! George who was trying and failing to get back into their bed the last time I saw him, had also calmed down. Mainly due to the fact that while Ben sorted the kitchen carnage, Emma had held Sidney and George on her lap and cuddled them until Ben had finished cleaning !!

        They had then sat on the chairs each holding a baby and cuddled them until we got back, so as we pulled up 2 shocked kids and 2 calmed down Puglets greeted us at the door. I told them the basic's about how Sian had been there for Milly , I didn't tell them about the 50/50 or Lower odds ! there are some things that need to be hidden from Babies of all ages !

       First thing I did was go and apologise to Fizzles ....... she was sitting in her bed looking all confused. I sat by her and she climbed on my lap all 10 stone of Muscle Bound Baby, and I just sat with her and my numbness easing. This is what I miss about not having my Fizzly around, she was my rock and we had this incredible connection. Whenever I was sad or low I would just BE with my Fizzles, neither of us needed to say anything. We just needed to be next to each other and she was my strength and I was hers.

      But I'm off topic again ! so I sat for 10 minutes and got myself together, I went to the shower and tried to wash the blood off everything that was covered ! I got out of the shower on time for Sian's phone call, She said that it looked like she had damaged her inside of her mouth ?? and it was definitely not a bite, even though neither of us had thought it was. 

       She was having oxygen and fluids and they'd given her pain relief and a blood Transfusion. They also still didn't think her chances were very good, but they would have to see if she went into shock or not ??

       I got off the phone and had 3 expectant faces looking at me, so I said she was feeling a bit better and she was sleeping ?? I then gave the look to Dai ......... and we left the room and I told him it all ! Sian had also asked if she was insured as if she needed an operation it would be expensive ?? 

       Now as I told you in part 1 I microchip the puppies in their NEW   families name and Address, well when you microchip a dog you get 4 weeks free insurance ??
        Dai rang them and this is where I get my butt bitten ...... they would not pay for anything for her as she wasn't at the same address as her form !      

        Brilliant Isn't IT !!

      The next few hours were a blur and I just sat by the phone waiting ........ then Damien rang he's another vet, and he's always accepted me as a total nut case, which is probably not far off it ! He rang and told us to come and see him, when we arrive at the Surgery we are taken in to see Milly. 

       Well Oh my ...... she was lying in a oxygen tent and she was so tiny. Her entire face was so swollen she didn't even look like a dog any more it was awful. 

        I walk over to her and I call her BUBB~A~LUB its how I call all my babies,  when I want their attention ?? She opens her lil pug eyes and her lil tail starts wiggling and she tries to crawl over to me, but her tube's won't let her. I put my arm in and stroke her and her lil tail is wiggling, she closes her eye's and just settles instantly. 

         Well as normal I'm crying and Damien whose completely used to me just smiles at Dai, and Dai just shakes his head !!!

       Damien then explains that they don't really know what was wrong with her as they didn't want to do much to her as they were scared she would go into Shock and then not recover ?? But she was breathing unaided which was a good sign, but her face was so swollen they couldn't see what was what ?? 

 If she made it for a couple of hours they would X~ray her and see what had actually happened to her ??

      Damien then asks was she insured  ?? I point out the whole Insurance Conversation ??? 

            But I said I didn't care if they could do something then I wanted it done !! I told him that I had £2000-00 that was my share of the profits from the litter and that if he could do something for around that then just Do IT !!

             He said that he'd try to help her but he wasn't promising ......... I said I don't care about the money just make her better !! Damien knew how I felt about my puppies ..... especially after I was given this lil Corgi Puppy whose mother had died, and it had then been left to virtually die in a box ??? 

             My friend had called me and told me the story, and within 5 Minutes I had told her go there and pick it up !!

 I hand reared this lil baby feeding her every 2 hours ~ 24 hourly !!

      But because she hadn't been fed for such a long time and hadn't been cared for....... After 2 weeks of bottle feeding her she developed a twisted gut !! 

      Now Damien was with me when I asked the owner of the puppy whether they would pay for her operation .......... they said NO and they then demanded that she had to be put to sleep !! 

        I was left totally heart broken........ I said there and then that if she had been my puppy,  I would have paid for the operation without thinking twice...... Damien had then said that he knew I would have, so he knew that I would never give up on any animal of mine, and 

  I was not prepared to give up on Milly ..... NOW.

              We left our lil Milly Mooz to rest up, and Damien say's there is nothing else they can do, it depends on her will power, and whether she went into Shock over night ??? 

          But if  had made it this far she was a lil fighter, and they were not gonna give up on her either. He would then X~ray her in the morning, and we would see what we were looking at then ?    I was told to go home, rest up and he'd phone me in the morning, as soon as he knew something.

     After a sleepless night I woke early to find Milly's Mum, hunting around the house for her 3rd Puppy, its something that is really hard to watch. There is no way that you can explain to her, as to where Milly was or what had happened to her ?? But she knew something had happened and she wanted her baby back.

          I ring first thing in the morning and I get told that this lil brave girl had survived the night, and Damien would be X~raying her first thing, and he'd ring me back as soon as he knew more. I am probably admit to being the most  IMPATIENT  person I know  !! 

           But God I hate waiting around its a complete nightmare for me and a part of me that will never change, no matter how many Camomile Tea's that I drink ! Well I waited and waited eventually ..............
       Damien rings me ......... he said that Milly's entire Palate of her mouth had been shoved up through the roof of her mouth and burst through all her nasal Cavity ????  and yep it's as bad as it sound's and worse !! It is something that I had never heard of happening, and it's something that NONE of the Vet's in the Surgery had heard of either. 

      With my voice breaking and my heart racing I ask him the question ....... can you do anything for her ???

He say he doesn't know ...... not very helpful Damien !!! 

                 But what he is thinking about doing is ringing up the leading Veterinary Place, that has Britain's highest trained Specialists / Surgeons.  What he wanted to do, was to ask them to Look at the X~rays and then get them to TELL HIM, 

            What and How to try to mend the Damage, that Milly had  DONE  TO  HERSELF !!  and if I would let him , he would then try to do what they suggested ??? 

         I told him, that I would allow him to try anything, and if they would tell him their suggestions then I of Course would want him to do it. I thanked him Soooo Much for trying to help and I would let him do whatever he thought was best for our lil Milly....... as I was not prepared to give up on the special lil girl. 

           Milly had shown us, her true fighter  SPIRIT,  and I was going to go as far as she would,  to get her better. Damien says he will contact the Surgeons and get back to me  ASAP.

        Over two hour's later at around 2~30pm I get the call from Damien, He said he had spoken to the Specialist and that they wanted us to take the X~rays, and  MILLY  to the actual Veterinary Hospital. and to have a meeting with the Top Surgeon at the Place !!  

        They also Wanted to see us in The  Hospital  by  4~30pm  we were to come to the Surgery, ASAP to collect Milly and her Stuff.
       Also they needed to tell me what to do if she stopped.........

       BREATHING  on  the  JOURNEY !! 

       For us to collect her X~rays and Milly herself, and then go to The Hospital in less than 2 Hours and not to WORRY because he said that the Specialist said that they would charge me less that the £2000-00 for him to take a look at Milly !!!

       Who Cares About Money ....... 

             What About The Stopping Breathing ??? 

and............  the 2 hour's time Frame when We lived over 4 hours away from the Hospital ???

     And What About The Stopping  BREATHING  !!!! ............... 

  These are some Films of  Milly Before her  Accident  !!

                             Milly Before Her Accident <3

                                  Milly and Jet 

                                  Milly and Mummy 

                                  Milly and Mummy <3


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