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Monday, 7 January 2013

Milly's Miracle Story ! Part 1

          Now I know Milly is not a Rottweiler, nor has she suffered from Bone Cancer, or had a leg amputated.  So you may wonder why I would post this on here, when this Page is about a Rottweiler named Fizzle's. My Fizzly, who battled Gallantly through Amputation, Chemotherapy and continued to astound everyone.           
           With her amazing zest for life and a Spirit, that has Continued to Shine even after her passing and I hopefully can tell her Story. I just want to be able to continue her Story, and show how her life mattered, and if I can help others who come here and read through these Pages, then I will do her the Justice that her Life should Warrant.            
           But this Story shows that you don't have to be a Rottweiler, to show great heart and unbelievable strength of Spirit. It also shows us that sometimes miracles do happen, and they happen to the smallest of creatures as well as the giants.            
                In my eyes Milly showed us what a true Survivor is all about, and greatness happens through acts of courage, and an amazing ability to survive ............ read it because if any dog was worthy of being an Honorary Rottweiler ? Then .................  

 I believe that this little girl deserves that honour <3

                   This was Fizzle's and Milly's Sister Ruby, 

             Just to show you how truly Amazing My Fizzly was.  

    This Picture Captures the very Essence, of my Beautiful and 

         Courageous Spirit that was,  My Very Own Fizzly <3


                     Milly's Miracle Story !! Part 1

              Milly is my Pugalier's Mitzi's Puppy from her 2009 Litter, I joke around about how Awful this seriously Bonkers Puglet is ........... But to be honest I had this instant bond with this Seal~Point Puggly, and even though all my family members claim, that she never made an impression on any of them.

           I adored this laid back and funny lil girl, and to be honest I was secretly glad that her sale's kept falling through !

          I wrote about the 2009 Milly Litter, and this falling through of her new home's happened 3 times and it's something that has never happened before or since.      
              So I guess that Milly was destined to be our's ! It would have been a whole lot better for my psychological benefit had she just whispered in my ear .......

 Instead of scaring the life out of me with her accident !!! 

Milly before her Accident !

                      I'm jumping ahead of myself again !! So back again, as I mentioned above Milly had been chosen by 3 families already. One of these families was actually Jet's family as they couldn't decide on which puppy they wanted and then they made the choice of Jet ! Another family then decided on her, but to be honest I didn't CLICK instantly with them as something was off ???

                    So after thinking it over and them messing me about, I told them that I didn't think that Milly was right for them ! 

         ( I will never sell a puppy to anyone who I don't instantly like and I always go with my GUT INSTINCTS in every aspect of my life !! )

      Then her other New Home Wanabee was, that she was going to be a Birthday present for a woman, from her boyfriend and they then split up ??? 

      We then found a lovely girl who picked our Milly, but she wouldn't be able to pick her up before 10 weeks old, so as we were already keeping George and Sidney for a bit longer as George's family were on Honeymoon, and Sidney's were only able to pick him up till he was 9 weeks old, due to work commitments. 
          I was fully prepared to keep Cariad ( welsh word for Love ) this was the name the new owners of Milly had picked for her !! So Miss Cariad was staying a bit longer and that was fine with me. 

        As people who have had my puppies will know that not only do I give my puppies the 1st Full Inoculation, but I also get all my puppies Micro Chipped. I also get them Micro Chipped in their new homes address and name, as I think it's disgusting that you pay more for the transfer of Name, than I pay for the Micro Chipping in the first place !!! 

       This is something that as this Story continue's will come back to bite me on the butt !!!

         So we settled in with the Terrible Triplet's and life continued as normal, I took pictures and films constantly and tried to install some manner's into 3 Rambunctious  Puglet's !! As you can see from this lil film !!  Getting puppies to sit stay and wait for their dinner makes them better behaved, respectful and make's picture taking a whole lot easier, you can see what I mean if you go to my Other Blog, as this deals with the 2010 Litter Story,  which was a total of 10 puppies !!!!    

                                     Eating with Manner's !!  

              As life continued as normal, waking up by 6am to keep Puglet's Clean, Comfy and Fed !! We passed each morning the same way, until the day that Milly decided to shock us !! As the puppies were older and busier they were allowed to run around all over and be the puppies that they were !!

       We did the same thing every morning and every day, and then it happened and to this day no~one, not I nor the Specialist and even my vet ......... No~one in fact the only one that really know's is Milly and 
       She Ain't Telling No~one no matter how many time's we ask !!!   

        So I turn around to get the puppies food !!! When all hell erupts the 3 Puppies are screaming and Fizz coming racing into the kitchen aggressively barking ( Thinking back on it now I think She must have thought we were being attacked, and was coming into protect us and the babies  ??? )

 ......  Now anyone who knows dogs and volatile situations when there are Dogs or Puppies Screaming then whoever is screaming louder is normally the one that's going to be attacked !! 
          When you have a situation like this the main thing is to get the most dangerous dog out of the way first and then deal with the screamer !!! 

         At this point I screamed at Fizz and threw something at her she then runs out of the kitchen with a Look of 

             I didn't do anything why, You screaming at me ????   

         But right at that moment I didn't know what had happened and I didn't know whether Fizzly had done anything or NOT ?? So at that moment I just wanted to get rid of the biggest Danger and that was My Fizzles !!

                I then looked down on the floor to see what the Bloody Hell was going on !!!  I looked around and Milly was Screaming in pain ....... I spun around to see George trying to jump back into their bed ??? and Sidney was nowhere to be seen ???? 

         I pick up Milly who has gone quiet .......... Almost instantly her face literally explodes ??? I can't ever exaggerate this story, I don't need too her face exploded with BLOOD !! Now I'm a medical person and I'm also the first point of Call  for anyone who know's me,  whenever a child cracks their head open or a dog runs through barbed wire ...... they call me !! 
         So I Don't Panic ....... Well believe me I  PANICKED !

         Milly is beginning to choke on the Blood and is not able to breathe, I run to my drawer in the room where I keep my kitchen towels. I pull the drawer so hard that the whole thing pulls out towels and the complete drawer itself, it smashes into pieces !! 

        All this time I'm holding Milly upside down so the blood is pouring everywhere and she's continuing to choke. I pick up one of the towels and wrap it around her face while still keeping her upside down so she can hopefully breathe a lil better !!

        While I'm doing this Ben and Emma come running from their bedrooms, I think Ben came down the stairs in 2 jumps ! while getting her upside down and the towel around her head , I'm screaming orders out like a Drill Sergeant ........... I send Emma to find Sidney, Ben to put Fizz away and then Find George and for them both to check them over in case they are injured too ??

        I get Dai to phone the vet's bearing in mind its 6am ............ Now to this day we don't know exactly what Milly did ?? But my only conclusion at that precise instant the only thing that I thought, could have happened is that My Fizzly had bitten her face ........ that was the only thing I thought was possible to have caused that much damage and So much BLOOD !!

       He's on the phone talking to the Vet's Call Centre and he's talking,  but he's not making any head way and he's not doing it FAST enough !!!!! 

       We live in the middle of nowhere and I know that this lil  9 week old puppy is Dying in my arms,  and I wasn't waiting around,  to get this stupid Call woman to get her act sorted out ? 

      I grab the phone and just Yell into it ....... It's Zena I have a  9 week old pug puppy who has had  its face Bitten off by a  F*****G  Rottweiler and I want a Vet in the Surgery by 10 minutes ( Not very ladylike but ......... I don't really care ? )

 I scream at Dai get the key's and drive, I tell the kid's to sort out the other babies and we will be back ................ I don't know when. 

                     All this must have happened in less that 3 Minute's !!!

      With that I'm still holding Milly upside down and she's still pouring with Blood and she's Choking to DEATH !!! I jump in the car with Milly who is still gushing blood. I bend her over, so that the Blood is pouring out of her and not into her Lung's and Dai starts the car and we are off ! 

       All the while I'm looking her over and I can't find any puncture wounds anywhere ...... the blood seems to be pouring out from INSIDE her Mouth not from her face ?? The thought's of Fizz actually biting her were  falling by the way as

1) there was no puncture wound's 
2) Basically we were talking about Fizz ??? She wouldn't hurt anything unless it was hurting someone or something she loved !!
3) Milly was STILL ALIVE ???     If a Rottweiler had bitten a 9 week old Pug Puppy then that puppy wouldn't just have Puncture Wound's ....... She wouldn't have had a head ??

           But at this particular time it was the least of my worries ?        Right now I needed to get to my vet's within the next 10 minute's or before this lil lady choked to death on her own  Blood or suffered  Brain Damage from the loss of Blood !!!  

  ( Mind most people who know Milly would say we were too late for the Brain Damage Part !!! )

       We needed to get to our vet's ASAP and the vet's is 20 minute's away and this lil Puglet is beginning to show signs of not breathing. Well if  Dai  was ever called up as a Stunt Driver he may well get the Job ! Because we got to the Vet's in under 10 minute's, and we ran through 2 Red Light's at Traffic Road Works !!
       Though I think if a policeman was to pull us over for Speeding and had looked in the car and was to have seen our Milly as she was just then .... 

He would have given us an Police Escort with Blue Flashing Lights !!

           With Milly still hanging upside down, and the towel completely soaked in Blood and I looked like a Chain Saw Massacre Wannabe ?? I must admit that Sian the Vet who greeted us at the door and was  NOT   FAZED in the slightest, and we must have looked a  COMPLETE  MESS  !!

         Now my Vet's know me very well, so when Sian saw me in such a state she knew Something was very very BAD !!  and she hadn't got that bit Wrong not in the slightest  !!

         She looked at me and said ok What ??  I put this lil Might on the Table and she's Gasping for Breath, I unwrap the towel, and there's this lil  9 week old puppy, who had been white around 15 minutes before, was now totally covered in Blood, and looked to me like she was fading fast !!

                I explain to Sian quickly that I had thought Fizz had done it, and she who knew my Fizzles said Not Fizz !! I said I didn't think so as I was checking her for Punctures or Similar Things, and had found nothing ?? She also agreed that a puppy would not have been alive had a Rottweiler actually Bitten her ??

       So I said she's bleeding from inside her mouth and I don't know if she had fallen or what ?? Sian say's She's amazed that she was Still Alive and I'd done a Good Job ....... with that I burst into tears. 

       Sian said she would put her in an oxygen tent, and she'd need a Blood Fusion Transplant and its 50/50 if she lived or died ?? For me to go home and wash, Calm down and she'd ring me ASAP with more news ??


                              My Fizzly and Milly and all !!

Make sure you check out Milly before her accident, she is the only White one and she was not in anyway scared of My Fizzles !!!

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